Frazzled, “starey eyed”, mindless fools are we. Life’s a gift; yet, seldom are we truly present to savor its flavors. Our senses are dulled and anesthetized, estranged ancestral memories of a distant past.

Admittedly, my eyes are glued to the screen, thoughts bounce back and forth between tomorrow and yesterday, “what ifs” and “should have beens” and my attention wanders. All of this inhibits a true connection between you and me and all that is.

Here and Now

A charged life, one filled with feeling, essence and purpose, is to be found in the here and now. When we are possessed by tomorrow’s promise and yesterday’s lament, life passes us by.

Pure Joy

When was the last time you felt unbridled joy?

Chances are you can easily recall a childhood memory which embodies feelings of fervid joy. Like an ocean wave crashing to shore, so is our recollection of the moment, a mighty well of euphoria gushes over from head to toe. I can vividly recall a six-year-old version of myself bouncing naked on my bed with the audacity which only pure joy can create. Children by nature embody exuberant joy. Never shall you find a more charged life than that to be found within the magical moments at play in Never Never Land.

Then again, the ultimate moment of pure joy will forever be wrapped in the awe of the birth of my first born. Totally and completely unprepared for the surge of joy which followed, I was overwhelmed, caught off guard by the depth and the intensity of my emotions, as the fire in my heart grew beyond proportion.

The Sole Domain?

Is joy the sole domain of children and newbie parents?

Poppycock! Be present in the moment, stop to breathe it in and feel it’s full force, and joy will surely follow.

Try to recall such a moment. Without a doubt, somewhere on the surface of your best and most vivid memories you will find:

A Breathtaking and Scenic Snapshot

A Summit Worthy of Your Sweat

An Magnificent Family Celebration

A Discovery of the Innate Powers of Creation Within

A Delicious Sensual Moment

Inviting Joy In

We can invite joy into our life at any given moment. Certainly, this might sound nonsensical but it’s an innate ability which can be awakened and reclaimed…

About three years ago a colleague invited me to a weekend of meditation. Although I was far from keen on the idea, I wanted to bolster her budding business. While flooded with an abundance of intense emotions, I discovered meditation and its magical and enlightening gifts.

Its gifts were not squandered. I began a daily meditation practice. Today I begin most mornings with meditation. That first weekend of meditation opened the doors to pure joy. Any time that I stop to ponder on my ability to conjure up joy at the drop of a hat, I am full of wonder. Today I merely need to close my eyes and breathe deeply and the invitation to let joy in is swiftly accepted.

It is challenging to explain the depth of change within. I am happier; a goofy smile is permanently plastered on my face. Any time I sense feelings of anger or sadness, within moments I have it in my power to choose joy.

Often the word meditation calls to mind bizarre characters and sounds. Ignore them. Humor me and give it a try. It is well worth your investment. There are any number of free guided meditations on the web, ranging in length of any time from a moment to an hour or more.

Well being is a Skill: Richard Davidson

From Wisdom 2.0 2015 Find more at:

Science Speaks its Praises

The benefits of meditation are widely supported by scientific research. Meditation can:

• Create/boost happiness
• Improve multiple health metrics
• Increase work productivity
• Develop and strengthen self-control
• Instill wisdom and clarity
• Enhance and develop social skills
• Build a better brain (supported by magnetic resonance imaging – MRI)

The beauty of meditation that it is accessible to all. There is no need for expensive resources or a spectacular location. One can meditate in a secluded peaceful spot or a noisy hub.

Meditation is transformational. Truly, it will change your life. Happy, colorful and live food creates vitality and a happy body. Physical activity will turn you on and rev you up. One small change can make a huge difference. Can you find a moment to meditate today?

Here’s a creative idea for the adventurer on the go: pack potted greens and a blender to go…

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. ~ Christopher McCandless