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It's our day to day choices that shape our lives and the power is ours to choose! Vibrant health and self-healing are the body's natural design. x

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In Israel Nurit says ... x

The book ("Heleneie Beanie and the 16 Wayz to Navigate Your Health") is delightful and engaging. It has all the elements that people need in order to shift core attitudes and begin to transform their way of life. It is straightforward, concise, humorous and beautifully illustrated. Helene's insights register on multiple sensory channels:visual, auditory, right and left brain, emotional and analytical. The introduction is touching, moving and powerful. Her clarion call for healthy change is nothing less than mesmerizing. And the book is written in a professional and impressive manner. ~ Nurit Nitzan, Clinical Psychologist x x

In Australia Hadieya says ... x

תזונה היא עוצמה • التغذية قوة • Nutrition is power

Davka Akshav! x

Now is the time to spread the love ... x

Pay it Forward

Join me! Become an integral part of a fresh, social initiative. Listen, watch, read, share... Share the message. Share the book. We are healthier together; pay it forward today. x

Davka Akshav! x

Now is the time to spread the love ... x

Davka Akshavx

 Davka is a word which is deeply ingrained into the Israeli cultural fabric. "I know that it is a cold, rainy and windy day but "davka akshav", "davka" at this moment I am going to sunbathe on the beach. Against all logic perhaps, but I am going to do things differently. x

Why now? x

Challenging times are upon us. Won't you allow me to bring a voice of hope into the conversation? I'm Heleneie Beanie and I have a dream. I have a passion. I would like to empower and inspire to create change. We all have the power within us to join this conversation. x

It's so much more than the book! x x

 I would like to pay it forward. Health, happiness and connection: I would like to pay these forward. The more we laugh, the more joy that is in our lives, the more connected we feel, the healthier we will be. They go hand in hand. Won't you take my hand? Won't you join me and pay this forward? Become a voice of reason. I dare you, I dare you. Will you allow me to say this? Yes, yes we can! It's simple. It's really quite simple. Won't you join me?   x

The power is ours! Join us, together we are more. x x