Cauliflower Corn Crispies


Dairy free, sugar free, raw vegan, low oxalate (with the exception of the nutritional yeast and when pared with fermented nut cheese) treat

This amazing cracker was inspired by Matthew Kinney’s 00 + Co Vegan Pizzeria. The taste of the cauliflower, corn and mustard base was unforgettable.

The above photo shows my final creation and layered as follows:
Cauliflower Corn Crispy
Vegan fermented macadamia zaatar spirulina cheese
Fermented wild asparagus
Rocket greens
Wild garlic flowers
Wild Judas tree flowers


½ c whole flax seeds
1 c water (fermented brine)

2 c fresh cauliflower
2 cups corn (fresh or frozen)
2 t salt (Himalayan) – omit if using brine
1 T nutritional yeast
4 bunches wild garlic flowerheads (or garlic to taste)
1 T fresh or frozen seaweed
2 drops lemon oil
2 curcumin tablets
2 T ginger


Soak flax seeds in water for about ½ day or until almost all of the water is absorbed by the flax seeds.


In a food processor mix all ingredients with the exception of water and flax seeds.

Fold soaked flax seeds into the cauliflower and corn mixture and spread onto dehydrator sheets. Make an effort to spread an even and thin layer.

Dehydrate, peel of dehydrator sheet when semi dry and flip and dry. After flipping break into hand size pieces. Dehydrate for 15-24 hours until dry.