Heleneie BeaNiE here! I’m Helene (Hila) Gozani, aka Heleneie BeaNiE Cherubinie Wiskerinie ‎Rooterinie. This ‎nickname once irked me to no avail. Today, however, it brings a wistful smile to ‎my face… ‎

I lost my father to severe arteriosclerotic heart disease at the young age of 54, my ‎mother to Parkinson’s.

Chronic disease is but a product of the choices that we ‎make.‎ Choose the rainbow of natural color which can cover your plate, arouse your ‎taste buds and turn on your health! Learn to love who you see in the mirror. Move ‎your body, mind and soul towards your whole, your whole in one.

Join me: CHOOSE abundant whole health! Embrace it with gratitude and joy.

"Nutrition: your covert arsenal of power!"

  • nia

    Meet Nia. Nia is sensory based fun combining dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. It is self-healing and empowering, building beaming minds, bodies and souls. In Hebrew Nia means movement. For me Nia means music, movement, and magic!

    Come join me and discover:‎

    The JOY of Movement!

  • nuration

    Nutrition is power.

    A well balanced diet holds the key to radiant health. Poor food choices are fattening, discomforting, debilitating, and addicting! A good diet can prevent and even cure disease: diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. There is no better immunization or supplement than smart food choices to promote your health.

  • naked

    On your plate: bare. Remove all of the additives and adornments: bring back the food. In your thoughts: exposed. Dare to speak your thoughts. As we say at the Passover Seder: “Even if all of us are wise.” We all intuitively know what we need to do to improve our health. For the most part we choose not to follow through. "Be the change you seek." ~ Mahatma Gandhi