"As my coach for the last six months, I found that Helene has a natural ability to uncover what may be lying below the surface; she is a great listener and her advice is always wise and relevant."


 "Since first meeting Hila about five years ago, I have watched her develop, to possess a great state of mind, a feeling of ease, radiant health, luminous skin and shining eyes – and even her body movements, her vitality and positive thinking have become more enhanced.

I recall that when I first met her, Hila was in severe physical pain, searching for ways to live with the unbearable pain. Today, however, Hila is a healthy woman, who moves with skill that she developed through years of devotion to Nia practice.

Hila’s dedication towards well being is truly inspiring. She embodies the potential of transformation for those who choose to dance towards a healthy life and who choose nutrition to awaken their bodies."


"Queen, you were a queen with grace and professionalism. You were great!"


"I was at the Solstice Summer Savvy!!! We celebrated big time!!! Music, movement, energy – all included. It was so much fun! At the end of Hila made us green/red smoothies. The next day I took similar fixings and I made a green smoothie! So delicious and refreshing! Thank Hila for everything.

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