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Heleneie BeaNiE here! I’m Helene (Hila) and I have a passion. It just may be that I underwent spinal fusion for nothing. There, I’ve said it! I lost my father to severe arteriosclerotic heart disease at the young age of 54. I recently lost my mother to Parkinson’s. Chronic disease need not be our destiny! The power is ours! What did you put on your plate today?

Let’s get naked! Expose the rainbow of natural color which can cover your plate, arouse your taste buds and turn on your health! Learn to love who you see in the mirror. Move your body, mind and soul towards your whole, your whole in one.

I am the one who gets stopped by strangers. I have what they want. I work with Active, Busy and Creative men and women searching for balance in the spirited Dance of (for) life. I give dynamic and active workshops in the workplace, wellplace or better yet in the playplace. Using dance, fun and games, I engrain invaluable knowledge which will upgrade their health and well being. With me they find an authentic, passionate and outspoken partner. My wish is to share their and your journey towards an abundance of health, happiness and joy, their “whole in one” beginning with more plant based whole foods. Accelerating Change, Being the Dream.

My first profession was BI (Business Intelligence) consulting. I had been working in a "sick" (Stifled, Incomplete, Cybernetic, Knee-deep) environment, not the most "intelligent" choice! I am the one who did not listen. My body spoke to me repeatedly, but I did not listen. I use my journey of pain and healing to empower others.

My second time around training includes a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition Plant Based Nutrition from T Colin Campbell (The China Study, Whole) at eCornell. I was also trained as a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A collection of certificates from the prestigious Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute are mine including: Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine, Culinary Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. I am a blue belt Nia teacher.

Get ready to be: Stoked, Inspired and Charged! Are you Keen?

Join me: CHOOSE abundant WHOLE health. Embrace it with gratitude and joy!


I am happily married to Yaacov and the mother of three amazing children: Naava, Sivan and Joel…

The purpose of my journey is to be Wholely alive with strong vibrations of love and joy within an abundance of creative and passionate sparks, connected to nature: a guiding spirit making a difference on her way. ~ Heleneie BeaNiE ♥

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Helene Gozani, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach ‏IIN‏ , Raw Food‏/Sports Nutrition/Culinary Nutrition MK  Plant Based Nutrition ‏eCornell‏, Blue Belt Nia‏ Teacher (dance, healing and martial arts), Economics/Business Management ‏BSC/MSM