Mirror Mirror


One day, out of the blue, a stranger, that you literally just met, speaks these words of praise to ‎you:‎

‎‎“You, as your name*, radiate light and authenticity, your smile and your facial expressions emit faith of your pursuit of Nia and of a natural lifestyle: it shines from your eyes.”‎

How would you react? Would it be with:‎

‎‎‎‎♦ Denial ?‏ ‎‎‎‎♦ Embarrassment ?‏ ‎‎‎‎♦ Excitement ?‏

Nobody says anything good anymore! Praise is obscure, even obsolete. It is all too easy for us, ‎especially us Israelis, to complain loudly about all obstacles in our path. Furthermore, our ‎grievances are contagious and spread like fire. Kotler, a distinguished marketing professor, remarks ‎on the power of negative word of mouth. Dissatisfied consumers will tell on average eleven people ‎about their experience, whereas satisfied consumers will only tell six.‎

Look in the mirror. Does anything nice to say come to mind? Ha! I can hear your musings over here ‎and they are anything but nice!‎

On the day that you will see yourself as others do, you shall dance to a different and more authentic ‎tune!‎

I invite you to come and dance to the beat of YOU, to dance Nia, to free yourself of inhibitions, ‎thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you, to discover the joy of movement, to love yourself, ‎your body and who you are.‎

Adele – "Hello" Dance Choreography | The Nia Technique

Find a Nia class near you at: http://nianow.com/geofind/classes Dance along with our Nia Trainers to Adele's "Hello" using the Nia Technique, a mind-body movement form that blends martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. Nia is a workout, a practice, and a lifestyle program.


For the past couple of weeks I have been part of the 30 Day Light it Up Video Challenge, Part and parcel of the challenge is the community. Amongst this ecliptic group of vloggers I discovered a spontaneous and genuine give and take of support and praise. It is heart warming to see the rapid improvement from day to day and to be a part of a unique connection so often lacking from our lives.

This post was first published 10/11/14 and was inspired by an impromptu encounter. I would like to give gratitude for the beautiful people who are a part of my beautiful life. Discover the rush of warm feelings which can be yours. Two simple words deliver a powerful high, gifting the giver and the receiver as one:

Thank you!

Florida Teacher Starts Each Day Complimenting Students One by One

In classrooms across the country, the school day almost always starts off with some kind of routine. Announcements, a run-through of the day's calendar or maybe the Pledge of Allegiance. But in Chris Ulmer's classroom, the day starts off with 10 minutes of compliments.

* The literal meaning of the name Hila is a halo of light.

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