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Love Was Meant For Beauty Queens

For a while there, my family and I were living in Southern California. ‎Often, during school breaks, we would drive down to Baja California. ‎At the time it was a great place to vacation, an amazing seaside desert ‎oasis. The views were striking, fresh and pristine. The radiant sunshine ‎followed us everywhere, highlighting the whites of the sands and the ‎blues of the sea. It was a perfect paradise, a playground ideal for ‎‎“serious” exploration. Much delight was discovered within the rocky ‎caves and cliffs by the sea and yet, somewhere within that picture ‎perfect recollection, a crimson red cry threatens to blemish my ‎memories. I can clearly recall sitting with my family in our car. As I ‎finished the last of my Coke (shh…!), I simply chucked the empty ‎‎“biodegradable” can out the car window!

Heck, it would only be a ‎matter of some 80, maximum 500 years until it would turn back to ‎dust….‎

Toss It!

We are a community of ample “disposable” means. Every which way ‎we turn we are busy discarding our leftovers, never once hand me ‎downs and other superfluous stuff. We hunger for more; hunting and ‎gathering much like our ancestors, only we never stop. Eventually we ‎become overwhelmed by our loot and need to retreat and regroup. ‎We begin to sort and toss aside our trophies, keeping only the best of ‎the best. Our most invested efforts always centered around “the what ‎to’s” and hardly ever “the how to’s”.

Just toss it!‎


Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

We shop with our eyes. Behold! We see much beauty and cannot but ‎not stop to take it in. We take it, all of it. Whether fashion, “toys”, pretty ‎things or foodstuffs, we are overspent and squander our precious ‎common resources…. ‎

‎“You are what you eat.” As a collective we eat much. We are a bunch ‎of overachievers and overeaters. We have gone over the top! As we ‎climb up, much is discarded and tossed aside along the way.‎

‎“Food, glorious food”, much of it is left by the wayside in the fields, on ‎the trees or simply does not make the cut further down the line.

The ‎fate of the defective produce, the ugly, the deformed, the puny, the ‎gargantuan and the amputee (not to mention the bumper crop) is ‎destined for but one design: the trash.‎

At the supermarket the selection continues. Wilted and tired produce ‎is joined by the “expired” death row elderly.‎


Behind the wheel of our shopping cart, we (surely the “yiddishe ‎mama” amongst us) outdo ourselves time and time again. As if there ‎were no tomorrow, we pile more and more into our carts. We arrive ‎home to discover (duh!) that there is little or no room for our newest ‎acquisitions. Overwhelmed and exhausted, we push, consolidate, ‎organize and dig deep until we somehow find a way to successfully ‎unpack.‎

Even though we are clearly short sighted, at mealtime our eyes lead ‎the way yet again. In the best case scenario (nope – not so sure about ‎that) at the meals’ end our leftovers will go to the doggie or perhaps ‎find themselves a place of “honor”: standing room only in the ‎refrigerator. The end, however, is in sight. The leftovers get left behind ‎and, to no one’s surprise, exhaust their journey: dumped deep into the trash.‎

The statistics are disheartening.

Food wastage is in excess of one third ‎of all food production. Imagine leaving the supermarket with three ‎bags of groceries and arriving home with but two!

Such a colossal ‎waste of resources, the food is but the tip of the iceberg. According to ‎the data collected by The United Nations, the total volume of water ‎loss is measured to be 250 cubic kilometers (km3) per year or an ‎amount equivalent to three times the volume of Lake Geneva! Of ‎course, this is but one example of one resource. ‎

What of the land? The energy? The labor? … Additionally, a recent ‎report published by the F.A.O. or The Food and Agriculture ‎Organization of the United Nations calculated that this waste could ‎easily feed the close to 900 million souls who go hungry daily!!! ‎Waste hardly begins to describe the depth of the debacle within our ‎midst. “Waste not, want not” never rang truer.‎

The collective waste is dumped and trashed to become massive ‎mountains of “what could have beens”. At these garbage dumps and ‎landfills the natural decomposition is thwarted. When an apple core ‎tossed in a field decays, it is due to the ethylene gas released by the ‎fruit. This is the same gas which causes our fruits and vegetables to ‎ripen. The same apple core when found deep within a landfill is unable to ‎decay through normal aerobic means. As there is no oxygen, the ‎decomposition is via anaerobic means. The bacteria thrive and ‎methylene gas is formed. This is the number one source of greenhouse ‎emissions via waste of any kind!‎

Rallying for Change

These are truly intriguing and inspiring times. Today’s modern world is ‎a wonderland for social and environmental innovation. A resourceful ‎and enterprising entrepreneur can easily connect to social media ‎which will work overtime to support inspiring and passionate ‎initiatives. At present there are any number of ingenious projects ‎which are enjoying impressive support:‎

Have you heard about The Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables? This is a ‎campaign led by the third largest supermarket chain in France. It was ‎launched to rally support for the “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables” ‎which are consistently not selected for the team (or any team for that ‎matter). The sales pitch has been colorful and downright exciting. ‎Many a taste test have been set up on site to demonstrate that looks ‎may be deceiving. There is no difference in taste to be found between ‎the inglorious and glorious produce. The inglorious candidates are ‎offered to shoppers at a whopping 30% discount. There is much ‎demand and often supply is lacking. This successful campaign has ‎sparked similar initiatives. Jamie Oliver recently began his “Beautiful ‎on the Inside” campaign at an English supermarket chain.‎

At Fruta Feia in Portugal, a CSA (community supported agriculture) ‎initiative, “inglorious” produce is purchased directly from farmers and ‎boxed and delivered to members.‎

Even renowned and respected chefs have vested their efforts to ‎prevent waste. Their challenge is to take these “misfits” and create ‎gourmet platings dressed to dazzle and delight clientele with a five ‎strong sensory team of support.

The “Food and Wine” magazine has launched a campaign of its own ‎called “Love Ugly Food”. This was designed to showcase the ‎‎“inglorious” food creations. To this date, over 900 photos have been ‎shared on Instagram. ‎[/embed]

What’s Cooking?

Rice, green lentils, buckwheat, rolled oats, carrot, squash and more

Currently I am enrolled in another MK cooking class (Fundamentals of ‎Plant-Based Cooking). Our homework at the end of the first week was ‎to create a meal mostly based on scraps and leftovers. I created a ‎gluten free vegan “cheeseburger”. What can you create with yours? ‎Be creative and share!‎

This is an era of sales promotions and heavy discounts. When one can ‎buy a pound of tomatoes for 99¢/lb., we are actually distorting the ‎market forces of supply and demand and encouraging waste. ‎Similarly, when there is no fine for waste nor incentive to save, we all ‎too often make the wrong choices. Why make an effort? Don’t give up ‎the fight to make our plant a cleaner and greener place.‎

Picture Perfect

Janis and I after a concert in Tel Aviv

While in high school one of my favorite singers was Janis Ian. I ‎especially loved her song “At 17”. As a society we do much to support ‎images of “picture perfect”. We are quick to snub, ignore and spurn ‎those who are different and do not meet up to our ‎ridiculous standards of beauty.‎

‎“I learned the truth at seventeen
That love was meant for beauty queens”‎

Let us embrace beauty born of diversity.

May I paraphrase my friend ‎Gabi and say:

“A new creed of humanity stands united: people who ‎love themselves and others as they are period.”‎

I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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Thank you and have a great week!‎


You tell your future! The power is ours!

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Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani
6 years ago

I find these projects thrilling. It is exciting to see these innovative ideas being crowd sourced. I look forward to seeing more 🙂

6 years ago

Quite interesting.