Death to Diet

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When Obesity Met Diabetes in a Bottle…

Happy New Year!‎

Happy New Year! May this be the year that you live your dream!‎

Yes, this is the year that I say goodbye to the bulge! I’ve got just ‎the right bottle, a “classic”, “the real thing”. Raise your glass and let’s ‎toast to our heart’s desire. ‎

Coke? Are you nuts? Do you know how many teaspoons of sugar ‎there are in one glass? Six, six teaspoons of sugar!!!‎

You’re right. Shall we toast with a healthy glass of freshly squeezed ‎orange juice?‎

NOOO, that’s one bad idea! Not only does each glass contain the ‎equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar, but it also has more calories ‎than Coca Cola…‎

Unbelievable! In honor of my healthy resolution let’s toast to change ‎with diet cola!‎

Are you not up to date with the very serious health hazards linked to ‎consumption of diet drinks? ‎

Zero. Zero calories. Zero sugar. What could be bad?‎

Much is foul, according to an extensive long term study conducted in France. ‎ Diet beverages ‎may actually be both more fattening AND more hazardous to our health ‎than regular sugar sweetened beverages.‎

Say what?!‎

Did you know that on average, women who drink diet beverages ‎drink twice as much?

Twice as much?! You don’t say!‎

Yes. Not only are diet beverages sweeter, but they are also more ‎addictive. Consumption of diet beverages also trumps in raising the ‎risk of type 2 diabetes.‎

Suddenly my taste for diet has gone flat… ‎

‎“Shtu Maim.” Drink water. Real taste, zero calories: water is life!‎

Happy new year!‎

Dr. Mark’s Minute – The Special Case of Liquid Calories Liquid Death YouTube sharing

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