All That Glitters


A glimmer of glitter is enough to turn our heads.

I too, am a sucker for shiny objects, inspirational ‎headlines and big promises…‎

As a blogger, I am well aware of the power of a sensational headline. Sparkly, shocking or intriguing ‎titles are a fast ticket “in”. Chances are high that the reader will be drawn in and read the post till its ‎end.‎

Surprises, how I love surprises! Actually it is the gift of giving which I enjoy most. I am not quite as ‎comfortable being at the receiving end of this equation…

This week I met a friend. We chatted and I asked if she had a chance to see the movie I shared on ‎YouTube. As we were talking about my blog, she let me in on an amusing antidote. It seems that ‎while she was abroad her husband opened my blog. He saw the headline and opening sentence: ‎‎“In Aura’s Wake – She is gone. Only her essence remains.” Assuming the worst, he quickly picked ‎up the phone…‎

I had a good laugh and immediately declared that I had a topic for this week’s blog! ‎

Later I returned home, reread the blog and, for the life of me, I could not recall exactly what I had ‎in mind while writing the post. In retrospect, I should have chosen my words more carefully…‎

I spent the greater part of my youth as an active member of Habonim. Within the folds of the ‎youth movement (Habonim) I built my identity. Forever after I shall harbor a soft spot for my ‎‎“chevre” (my peeps, former members of Habonim).‎

This week I was also fortunate to host one of the “chevre”. It had been decades since we had last ‎seen one another. Chock up another point for Facebook!‎

She was part of the inner circle: popular, sharp and wickedly witty. I felt myself to be off center and ‎removed from the limelight. These days, however, I am not easily intimidated. With no hesitation I ‎offered to host her and show her some of the beautiful sites of northern Israel. There was an ‎immediate click between us. We spent the next few days embracing a rare friendship. The real ‎magic was discovering the woman beyond center stage. I delightfully discovered her warmth and ‎caring to be greater, simply far beyond her compact and sparkly packaging. ‎

Sometimes the outer sparkle only hints at the abundant inner glow within…‎

What hides behind our attraction to shiny objects? Did you know that there is actually a scientific ‎rational behind our lust for glitz? It appears that our obsession with shiny objects is rooted in our ‎inherent need for drinking water: a rational reason for our insane infatuation.‎

From time to time, at a party or perhaps at work, we play telephone. As the message distances ‎itself from source, often it becomes entangled and distorted beyond recognition. Frequently this ‎can be the case within the vest online web of knowledge.‎

Inaccurate information may lurk behind dramatic disclosures. Be wary of half-truths and sticky ‎cobwebed traps, especially when researching health issues. Let’s do our part not to share these ‎muddled messages on social media.‎

Frosty Spring Salad


The Salad
‎2 c chopped raw cauliflower
‎2 c chopped mixed cherry tomatoes
‎1 c chopped rocket (arugula) leaves
‎½ c chopped strawberries

The Dressing
Lemon zest from one lemon
Juice from one lemon
‎1 t mustard‎
‎1 t honey‎
‎1 pinch of salt‎
‎1 grilled, peeled and seeded bell pepper

The Topping
‎1 handful of mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower)‎
Sliced strawberries

Cut fruit and vegetables.‎

Grill bell pepper until lightly charred. Place in bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Remove after five ‎minutes: peel and clean. Add all of the salad dressing ingredients (including the bell pepper) and ‎blend until smooth.‎

Toss salad with dressing.‎

Top with seeds and slices strawberries. Bon Appétit! ‎

I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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You Tell Your Story – The Power is Ours!

Imagine you had a looking glass where for a very short window of time you could observe, live the ‎final moment, day, year or years of your life. The picture that you see is clear. Startled, you clearly ‎do not like what you see. A wave of sadness and fright paralyzes you.



You tell your future! The power is ours!