I am the Change

Yes! I want in on this fresh social iniciative.x

Davka Akshav! xlorem ipsum dolor

You and I will change the world…x 

Enthusiasm is infectious. Youth, who by nature believe in their ability to change the world, will be the definitive ambassadors of health. x 

As part of a pay it forward initiative, I seek to conduct workshops to influential youth groups: community service (shnatsherut), pre-military academy (mcina kdam tzvait) and similar. Your support will aid in transforming vision to reality and enable the donation of my book, Heleneie Beanie and the 16 Wayz to Navigate Your Health, to each participant. x 

I wish to create a deeply rooted understanding that it’s our day to day choices that shape our lives and the power is ours to choose. Vibrant health and self-healing are the body’s natural design. x 

The first workshop is on the calendar! At the end of November 2017, “I am the change.”, opens in Jerusalem with 34 amazing young women from “Alma” the pre military academy for female leadership. x x

Now more then ever is the time to spread the love… x

Heleneie BeaNiE and the 16 Wayz to Navigate Your Health – What's it all about? x 

My father's young life was cut short by heart disease at the age of 54. x

My mother was in her late 50s when she had her first stroke and suffered for many years from Parkinson's. x

And me? x

At 46, I was clueless as to the identity of the "surely" "deadly disease" I feared was nesting within me. x 

What if we could break this vicious cycle?! x

Davka akshav … x

  • Yes, whole nutrition leads to radiant health. x
  • Yes, health born of abundance and not deprivation. x
  • Yes, I want easy guidelines to navigate my health. x
  • Yes, I want to be part of this and pay these guidelines forward.x
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! x

Vibrant health and self-healing are the body's natural design. x 

I have learned much – invaluable knowledge that I would like to share for the empowerment of all. I dream of awakening beautiful souls disconnected to the enormous power they hold within their grasp. Imagine a world where these simple guidelines were easily accessible by all: in grocery stores, pharmacies, waiting rooms, patient care centers, classrooms, seats of government, prisons and more – virtually everywhere. x 

Yes! Count me in. x x x

Together We Can Make a Difference x 

Paying it Forward – Why? x 

To cultivate happiness. x

To build connection. xx

It is good for your health. x

It is good for our health. xx

It feels good. x

It is mutually beneficial. xx

It is as contagious as laughter. x

Be the Change You Seek in the World." x"

Together we can build a better world. x

One of the 16 Wayz … x

  • Straightforward
  • Concise
  • Humorous
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Mesmerizing
  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! x

תזונה היא עוצמה • التغذية قوة • Nutrition is power  

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Two wayz to go … x

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Yes, count me in! x

תזונה היא עוצמה • التغذية قوة • Nutrition is power