Happiness by You!‎



Please excuse my excitement but the last few days have ‎been especially magical. I haven’t a clue why I chose to use this word; ‎it just seemed to suit my mood…‎

I am but moments away from baring my new website to the cosmos. ‎With lingering anticipation I await curtain time as I labor to add in all ‎my blog babes to their new home. It is a beautiful home, a duplex, ‎with ample space for both of my twins: one floor for my English prose ‎and another for Hebrew.

While it is easy to pinpoint when this odyssey began, for the likes of ‎me I cannot trace any specific decision on my part to become a ‎blogger. I simply wanted to share an amazing mother-daughter ‎adventure at raw food culinary school. From that point on I began ‎sharing my reflections, thoughts and insights on a weekly basis.

It was ‎as if the universe had a plan for me

and I was along for the ride…

‎Who knew that that a fifty something year woman could be so ‎fertile?! I am expecting yet another cherub. This babe will certainly ‎delight many. I have been working on an animated film for about six ‎months and this week the project suddenly took on a life of its own. ‎Of course I am a proud parent and can’t wait to tell you why this cute ‎baby of mine is extraordinary. This baby, however, has its own story to ‎tell and you’ll surely want to listen. Be prepared for the unresolved ‎storyline. It is yours to write…‎

The creative process fills me with immense satisfaction; it completes ‎me.‎

Lately I've discovered a wane in my desire for pretty things. Sure, if I ‎should happen to come across something spectacular I may be ‎tempted to buy, but I am no longer shopping for the things that are ‎lacking in my life.‎

Drop the “u” in buy: Happiness by you!‎


I Had a Dress

I had a dress
It was lonely
Briefly, I confess…‎

An ambitious pile on my plate
Morphed into a tummy mound
As I ate and ate…‎

Call me oxidized
Oodles of supplements
Unable to alkalize

Going places
Chase, run, climb
Why the race?‎

Good, better, best
Forget all the rest!‎

What is it all for?‎
Foolish me forgot
Less is more!