Double Trouble


I was not yet twenty when I made Aliyah and Israel became ‎my home. Even though it’s now some thirty five years down ‎the road, most are quick to detect an Anglo-Saxon accent of ‎sorts. Granted, I was not cursed with the classic heavy North ‎American accent. My, linguistic errors, however, are uniquely ‎mine! Usually I mix up the “samach”, “sin” and “tsadik” ‎letters…‎

So it came to pass that today, a few decades later, I ‎discovered yet another word undeniably distorted by moi…‎

The subject of conversation revolved around our bodies, ‎more particularly: which body part do you embrace and love ‎and which body part would you rather hide from public view ‎‎…‎

As a typical American girl of the times, I loved to wear jeans ‎and a T shirt. Levis’ were in: in fashion and out of sight! I ‎particularly loved Levis for their beautifully faded denim ‎which aged oh so well. T shirts became a collector’s item for ‎me. On my journeys, both near and far, I was always on the ‎lookout for a new addition. I was a politically and socially ‎active teenager; my extracurricular life focused on youth ‎movement activities. So it will come as no surprise that I ‎preferred a T shirt with a meaningful slogan for a worthy ‎cause. Even so, a trip to Disneyland was a joyous celebration: an excuse to enhance and enlarge my collection. Micky_Mouse_by_KrazyPenguin

Mickey Trumps!

Did you ‎not know that Mickey Mouse trumps a good cause any day?‎

Up until my early thirties I continued to wear my everyday ‎uniform of vintage jeans and a tight neck T shirt.

I felt totally ‎at home in my traditional apparel and did not for one ‎moment imagine how totally and completely unflattering it ‎was.‎

Is it not amazing how we can look at ourselves in the mirror ‎day to day and be oblivious to what others might see? When ‎we discover the flaw, no matter how, we cannot but not see ‎it, every time we look in the mirror! “Hey you, over there: I ‎see you!!!‎

It is all too easy to add yet another fault to our “Chest of ‎Blemishes” overstuffed with cursed flaws. I would love to ‎know the biology behind this…‎

Don’t ask me who let the cat out of the bag. I truly do not ‎remember…

‎I have a double chin!!!‎


For years I have been saying that I have a “double piano”! It’s ‎those letters that I have trouble setting straight. I’ve probably ‎been corrected tens of times but this time I actually ‎understood what my mistake was!‎

So, yes, I have a double chin and NOT a “double piano”. By the ‎way, there actually is such a thing as a double piano. It can ‎refer to a “back to back” piano where two can play on ‎opposite sides of the piano or it can refer to a piano with a ‎double keyboard…‎

From that moment on began longings for “the time of ‎ignorance”. But it was useless! I could not help but see!!!‎

I learned the art of masking. I discovered that a deep “V” ‎neck suited me to a “T” and shifted the gaze away from my ‎troubling double.‎

I was curious to know about “The Good, The Bad and The ‎Ugly” as perceived by others. I asked a number of people ‎regarding their best and worst features. I was surprised with ‎the diversity of responses. Happy was I to discover those who ‎unconditionally loved their whole body as it was. Most were ‎caught totally off of their guard by my questions. For the ‎most part, “the worst” was easy to find and “the best” took ‎some more time to identify.‎

How nice it was to discover that most people could identify ‎with pride a cherished body part…‎


What would happen if we were to focus on the ‎good and the beautiful: within and without? So much of our ‎attention lost forever through meddlesome thoughts: ‎negotiating real or imagined problems. Our minds excel at ‎delivering a nonstop stream of pending worst case scenarios.

What we focus on ‎‎‎grows!

Let’s expand our ‎attentions on the delights and wonders which await over ‎yonder. Let your cherished dreams become morning ‎mantras: may they be in your hearts, in your souls and, most ‎importantly, in your minds.‎