Couch Potato


(Inspired by Hasselback Potato)

‎Wash potatoes well (no need to peel).‎

The potatoes can be precooked in boiling water for 10 ‎minutes.‎


Place a potato on a large metal or wooden spoon and slice ‎until the knife reaches the spoon (about 7/8ths of the way ‎through).‎

Wash the sliced potatoes well while making an effort to wash ‎between the slices. Rinsing the starchy residue away will allow ‎the “fan” to open wide. ‎

Brush the potatoes with coconut oil. Make an effort to brush ‎inside the cuts.‎

Sprinkle coarse salt and fresh rosemary on top of the potatoes.‎

Bake at 180-200 degrees Celsius.‎

The couch potatoes will open up like a fan when they are ‎ready.‎

Bon appétit!‎