Couch Potato


I married a mechanic. He fixed things before most people noticed that ‎they needed fixing: loved machinery especially old, forgotten and ‎broken-down challenges. Taking machines apart to discover how they ‎worked was a warm passion of his. He was always up for a challenge. ‎To be honest, it was probably the meager “kibbutznik” budget which ‎set the stage this hobby. A “once upon a time” “kibbutznik”, he drove ‎tractors from a tender age. A hefty portion of his free time was spent ‎on the back of renovated Vespas, Lambrettas and the likes (scooters) ‎with his mischievous classmates racing along the forest trails of the ‎infamous JNF amusement park (nah, but they definitely made it ‎theirs) behind the kibbutz. While in the army he diligently saved every ‎lira so that he could purchase and renovate an old BSA motorcycle.‎

Over the years the motorcycle was discarded. Children came next. The ‎new pastime became off road jeep trips. Hubby loved being a part of ‎the rich Israeli backdrop. He was in his element there amidst the other ‎families and jeeps: a youngster on his lap clasping the wheel (shush…!), ‎camping, good food and a bonfire with oh so vocal narratives…‎

Although I enjoyed our trips together, I could not help but feel ‎annoyed to be on the wrong side of the windshield…

We passed so ‎many trails and ways to explore the countryside on the right side out! ‎At first I kept my thoughts to myself until it became too painful to ‎hold them in. We found a way to bring a bike along on our trips. The ‎best part of our jeep trips were when I was outside of the jeep trailing ‎behind on my makeshift mountain bike (a citybike with wider and ‎sturdier tires).‎

In time, I was able to persuade him to get on a bike and we were able ‎to bike as a family.

We especially loved heading down to the Dead Sea ‎for the Har Sdom Races and bike together on the family route. While ‎he enjoyed the family adventure and the pristine scenery, he suffered ‎from the very hard tailed bikes and the unbreathable helmet. It was ‎always a challenge to get him back on a bike.‎

My partner was never enthusiastic with regards to physical activity. ‎Looking back, I might have called him a couch potato but for the fact ‎that he was never one to sit hours on end in front of the boob tube.‎

For many years I mountain biked on a makeshift ride. Hubby surprised ‎me for our twenty fifth anniversary with a brand new full suspension ‎dream ride.

My excitement was Intense! Whoops, strike that; Giant it ‎was indeed! ‎‎‎My darling, however, set himself up for a deep fall…‎ ‎

It wasn’t but a week before he bought himself a similar steed so that ‎we could ride together.

There are moments in which a seemingly ‎innocent decision is life changing. This was one of those moments. ‎

In the beginning when we rode I would be far ahead. I would ride ‎forward and circle back until he caught up. He would be fatigued, ‎deeply flushed and grasping for air. My guy was out of shape, to say ‎the least … ‎

At the end of a vacation abroad, he returned while I stayed on for an ‎extended visit with family. He was determined to get into shape and ‎justify his heavy investment. Day after day he rode his bike in a major ‎effort to conquer the hill and recover his breath. Two weeks later, ‎when I returned, I came face to face with the sparks of change.‎

What began as a stubborn effort to shape up ended in a passionate ‎love for a “primitive” motor-less two wheeler…‎

‎‎‎Today my honey climbs the walls when an obstacle comes between ‎him and his ride. His two wheeled love changed him to the core. ‎Obviously his health report card’s grades are up, way up. He is in top ‎form and if he appears flushed it’s just because he has been out with ‎his bike in the sun for too long. More importantly, he is a changed ‎man: more relaxed, open and simply ‎

‎‎‎H a p p y ! ! !

‎‎‎It is a pleasure to be ‎in his midst…‎

‎‎‎This would be an excellent opportunity to give gratitude to the man ‎who has been at my side through thick and thin for more than thirty ‎five years. I always thought that I was the flexible one in this ‎partnership… ‏

‎‎‎Thank you my love for all of your acrobatic gymnastic ‎twists, turns and flips that you happily perform with style, grace and ‎love while you edit my unique style of Heblish (Hebrew-English).‏

I do ‎not take this for granted. Thank you!

May I reacquaint you with the magic of physical activity?‎

‎♦ Releases “feel good” endorphins.‎
‎♦ Reduces pain.‎
‎♦ Reduces anxiety.‎
‎♦ Dramatically improves physical report card on all levels.‎
‎♦ Increases muscle mass and bone density.‎
‎♦ Invigorating!‎
‎♦ Always leaves you wanting more!‎

‎‎‎Find and embrace the movement which moves you.

Never ‎stop dancing through life!‎


Kitchen Cues…‎

Couch Potato (Inspired by Hasselback Potato)

‎Wash potatoes well (no need to peel).‎potato

The potatoes can be precooked in boiling water for 10 ‎minutes.‎


Place a potato on a large metal or wooden spoon and slice ‎until the knife reaches the spoon (about 7/8ths of the way ‎through).‎

Wash the sliced potatoes well while making an effort to wash ‎between the slices. Rinsing the starchy residue away will allow ‎the “fan” to open wide. ‎

Brush the potatoes with coconut oil. Make an effort to brush ‎inside the cuts.‎

Sprinkle coarse salt and fresh rosemary on top of the potatoes.‎

Bake at 180-200 degrees Celsius.‎

The couch potatoes will open up like a fan when they are ‎ready.‎

Bon appétit!‎