On a Cloud of Nothingness

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If I had a penny for every thought that ever passed through my head,  ‎I’d be a multibillionaire…

Twenty four seven my mind is bombarded ‎with thoughts of home, family and work. What should I write for my ‎next blog? What shall I prepare for dinner? If I don’t step on it I will be ‎late for work! I must make a grocery list. Who made this mess? I must ‎remember to call my son. Where did I leave my cellphone? Put the ‎laundry in the dryer. The car keys, where did I leave them?

‎‎‎This ‎morning the wheels came to a halt and there was silence. ‎ ‎

I lay in bed between crisp clean cotton sheets. Saturday, early, not yet ‎dawn. No time to be up. It was still dark outside. I closed my eyes and ‎breathed deeply. I savored the taste of the cool air entering my body. I ‎could not get enough of it. I simply breathed a song of peace, a song ‎of joy which filled my very being.

I found myself floating on a cloud of ‎nothingness and giving gratitude.

‎‎‎In the awakening silence a ‎symphony of crickets, birds and other critters serenaded. I made every ‎effort to remain still and keep my eyes closed: I did not want the ‎moment to pass.‎

And so it came to pass my magical musical interlude at dawn. The ‎constant chatter ceased. Smiles and tears caressed me. I allowed ‎myself to feel both the joy and the sadness and simply be present.‎‎

Our lives are woven with pressures, anxieties and worries.

Stress kills!

Would it not be wonderful if we could learn how to pause, relax, and ‎breathe and truly be present in our lives? Meditation is magnificent, a ‎one moment meditation is sufficient, but reading a good book, ‎breaking for a walk in nature or a frolic on the beach will all help to ‎ease our loads.

This week I had a business meeting at the Azrieli shopping mall. I ‎arrived early.

‎‎‎‎I could wander around at my leisure, window shop‏ and ‎even treat myself.

‎‎‎I could have, but did not… ‎

I sought out the quietest ‎place to survive the noise, the crowds and their pressures to spend ‎and waste more. The abundance of nothingness made me noxious. I ‎wanted no part of it.‎

How easy it is to be happy!

Remnants of a large Israeli shopping mall advertising campaign, “How Easy it is to be Happy”

An Original Idea
Create connection, health and zest on a ‎lunch plate!

Recently a client of mine retired. Some time ago, Yolande (my client) ‎initiated a large communal salad for lunch. Each participant was to ‎bring the amount of vegetables, fruit and other toppings that he ‎would eat. All of the ingredients were pooled together to form the ‎salad. The preparation was always a joint effort, however, the dressing ‎and the seasoning was always left to the able hands of Yolande. Happy was I to work with her. I knew that on this day I would eat a ‎healthy and delicious meal. I would do my part as well and bring novel ‎additions to our lunch. The salad’s colors’ and flavors’ never remained ‎the same but the taste never disappointed: always delicious!‎

I was curious as to the flavoring that Yolande used. She shared her ‎secret with me. She always adds a generous amount of grated lemon ‎zest to her dressing. From the moment on I too began to add grated ‎lemon zest to my salads.

I love the opportunity to share recipes or simple tips. I welcome yours ‎and would love to share. Please feel free to contribute!‎‏

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