13 And Counting: You Create Your Luck

Once, not too long ago, there was a quiet and naïve girl who made every effort ‎to be everything that was expected of her.‎

Today I barely remember that girl but they say that it was me. A sudden health ‎crisis left me overwhelmed, helpless and unsure of which way to turn. I ‎found myself seeking out any “white coat” that might be able to come to my ‎aid. I clearly remember one rainbow splattered white coat who instructed me ‎how to remove certain foods from my diet in an effort to boost my health.

I ‎was dumbfounded.‎

Could it be possible that an innocent food was responsible for my pain and ‎suffering? It seemed all too surreal …‎

Today many who cross my path are stunned none the less, when I praise the all ‎too mighty powers of a rainbow of colors. Two memorable observations cling ‎to my consciousness front row center. ‎

Seven out of ten deaths of Americans each year are from chronic diseases, and ‎it is known that diet is a major factor in these deaths.‎

It is estimated that as much as 40% of all stress can be attributed to a poor diet.‎


Modern day stress comes from a multitude of sources including but not limited ‎to: occupational, financial, familial, traumatic, environmental, mental and ‎nutritional.‎

It is often a challenge dealing with stress. A large portion of our stress may not ‎be under our total control: considerable resources and/or a significant amount ‎of time may be needed to make a dent in our stress load.‎

‎‎‎Imagine that you were able to reduce your day-to-day stress load by 40%ֱ! ‎

How would your life fit and feel? Feeling better already are you? I heard you ‎relax into the seats of your chairs and breathe out a magical sigh of relief…‎‎

Nutritional stress can be easily and painlessly reduced almost immediately.

‎Let’s begin! Follow my lead:

‎1 Load up on fruit and vegetables: ++ ‎phytonutrients and antioxidants

2 Eat whole grains as Mother Nature intended

3 Consume alkaline forming foods; less meat, milk, soda, …‎

4 Eat frequent small healthy meals

5 Drink water

6 Slow down and chew your food: don't wolf it down

7 Make it a habit to eat at the table

8 Always leave the house with healthy snacks on hand

9 Processed food is best left at the grocery store

10 Packaged foods: short ingredient lists of foods

11 Replace “eating out” with “cooking in”: make it a family affair‎

12 Reduce toxins via cleaner versions of food (unsprayed, organic, ‎‎…)‎

13 Stock up on fermented foods with healthy bacteria (probiotics too)

‎‎‎‎"True good health is not a condition that is merely free of adverse ‎symptoms. It's a state of dynamic well-being, one that is reminiscent of ‎childhood exuberance and joy. When your body is functioning the way it's ‎designed to function, you should be experiencing boundless energy all the ‎time, a keen awareness of your surroundings, a very strong and positive ‎emotional state, and a natural love and zest for life."

‎ The Metabolic Typing Diet, 2000 (page 57)‎
‎ by William Wolcott & Trish Fahey