In Aura's Wake

She is gone. Only her essence remains.‎

I am a perfectionist; this much has been said about me, many a time. ‎In my eyes I see a mess (“balagan”) and a big one at that. ‎Perfectionism and disorder: not exactly close matches to any degree! ‎I must be a cross breed of the two…‎

Perfectionism, yes, I can relate to that. As a Business Intelligence ‎consultant I demand strict organization and order: each data record ‎needs to be stored such that its retrieval will be optimal, orderly and ‎accessible. As a matter of fact, it has been said that the OLAP (On-‎Line Analytical Processing) models which I build represent ‎organizational excellence above and beyond those of coworkers. And ‎yet, in spite of this, at home chaos is my norm. It is difficult to believe ‎that we are speaking about the same person…‎


I can lose myself while editing a graphic, video or text; ‎always managing to find yet another small detail which can be edited ‎to perfection. Good is not good enough; I command excellence! ‎Currently I find myself studying yet another realm, editing texts for my ‎website, writing blogs and teaching Nia weekly, always surface deep, ‎never tackling deep down.‎

How I do love to tap into my creative inspiration! I can’t just write a ‎story; it has to be a story which interconnects to another thread. I don’t ‎want to “paint” just another painting but rather to create a composition ‎with power and depth. I love creatively finding the web which connects the ‎visuals with the stories and with the message.‎

Somewhere, somehow, at some level,
I find that my life is a ‎‎‎big production ‎‎‎and I am the director.

At any given moment in my mind you ‎will find me perched on the sidelines recording the events, collecting ‎materials, photos and ideas for a book, collage or autobiography. As ‎of yet I have amassed an enormous amount of material. Surely it is ‎enough?

‎‎‎I should begin before it is too late…

‎‎‎You want to be the one who leads enthralling workshops combining an ‎eclectic mix of nutrition, chutzpa and movement?‎

How can I lead a workshop when I don’t know all of the answers? I will ‎never stop evolving and growing. There will always be a question ‎which I will not have the answer for. Let’s face it; I will never know all ‎of the answers.

There are things (and many at that) which I don’t know ‎and that is ok. Hey self, did you hear that? It is ok! It is important to let ‎my message out. It is of immense value and it is time to allow it out ‎into the world.‎

‎I can do it! Like my daughter Sivan says, I am a perfectionist. Like my ‎husband says, free yourself!‎
‎‎‎To everything there is a season; it is my season for change.

‎‎‎The ‎decorations can wait!

Consider yourselves forewarned! ‎
Good food is addictive. ‎
Dance frees the soul. ‎
Chutzpah? ‎
With chutzpah one never knows!
It's dangerous, very dangerous to your health!‎