A Man's Plot


“Feminism: a clever design for men. I believe that feminism was a ‎male initiative. Together with bra burning it is doubly good” (both the ‎load being shared and the bras being burned); my beloved’s ‎noteworthy words to share this week. ‎

Some more morsels around the same subject: “You were once a ‎feminist. In your youth, when I first met you, you were very, very, very ‎feministic: in a very outspoken manner I would say.”‎

helene workshop

Do you recall what I wrote regarding my motor?

My motor has two ‎speeds: neutral and fifth gear! Throughout the years I have tooted the ‎banner for many a cause. My voice has passionately rallied support ‎for many an “ism”: Americanism, Feminism, Socialism, Zionism and of ‎late, “Healthism”. I always find it wholeheartedly necessary to share ‎my zealous thoughts with anyone within my radar!‎


Together with my complete and total white out hair,

I've found ‎it prudent (strike that),
‎‎‎‎To turn down the volume…

‎‎‎Speak softly.

‎‎‎But carry a radiant glow!‎

‎‎‎I am certain that you cannot help but hear me coming, but, please, take ‎note, that I am making concerted efforts!

‎‎‎May I inspire

‎‎‎By the luminosity ‎of my wake,

‎‎‎Not by

‎‎‎The heat of my sermon.‎‎..


‎‎‎This week my daughter, Sivan, adds her two cents to the continuing ‎saga on the home front. ‎

‎‎‎"‎‎‎‎Ema has to go all the way with everything. So, naturally, her journey ‎towards healthy nutrition was ‎‎‎‎uncompromising!‎‎‎ Mom did not just ‎change the food but her whole lifestyle:

Forget about perfumed laundry,
From now only ecological laundry ‎detergent.‎
No way!
Just natural cosmetics! ‎

And these are just a few examples. Naturally we all expressed strong ‎opposition. Even I, advocating a healthy lifestyle, thought that it was ‎exaggerated. Life as we knew it changed radically. Suddenly the ‎whole refrigerator was green. There was nothing appetizing to eat ‎except when Aba would buy ice cream on the sly. Foreign ‎devices, such as a food dehydrator, began to appear in our home ‎along with equally strange foods, such as chia, which we had never heard ‎of. ‎

Ema is not only extreme but she is also a perfectionist… ‎

‎‎‎‎Very quickly the bizarre foods became delicacies;

‎The laundry fragrant,

‎‎‎‎And Mom?

‎‎‎‎‎She never looked so good!

‎‎‎‎I think that I can safely say that my mother has never been more happy. ‎Truthfully? Not just Ema, but Aba is radiant, Joel loses his temper less ‎when confronted by the strange food, Naava drinks a green smoothie ‎daily and me? I went with Mom to study raw food.‎

‎‎‎‎Do not, for one moment, entertain the thought that it was a picnic!

Mom ‎would awake three hours before we needed to leave. When I would ‎finally awake, she would be waiting for me outside the apartment door. ‎Despite the military discipline, it was an amazing experience. Six ‎hours a day, every day, five days a week for a whole month. ‎Together, Mom and I, "cooked" raw food. In the end I learned to live ‎with the strict regimen (“Ema, go and I will follow you momentarily”). I ‎only regret that it was a month too late…‎ ‎‎‎"