Milking Nuts


I love surprises. I love surprises so much that I am always ‎happy to find a new way to surprise a family member or friend. ‎As luck would have it (or not), most of my family does not like ‎surprises…‎

I surprised hubby with a visit to a gourmet raw food restaurant ‎in New York.‎ I don’t remember how I discovered Pure Food and Wine but ‎when I did I made it a goal of mine to taste of its delights. My ‎darling went out of his way to accommodate my wishes.‎

It was clear to him that he would not leave the rabbit food ‎"beanery" with a happy tummy!‎

Disbelief, shock and wonder accosted us! Not only did we ‎leave Pure Food and Wine content, but we actually floated in ‎the heavens as we left. There was no need to do a makeover ‎meal at a “meatery”. We even made a quick stop around the ‎corner at their Lucky Duck shop to bring home some of its ‎magical delights.‎

Unbelievable how tables turn, people change and surprise ‎awaits around every corner. My man spends about a week ‎every month on a business trip to the States. These days, if he ‎has any free time in New York, can you guess where you will ‎find him? Darn right! He’ll be dining there at MY raw food ‎restaurant.

‎‎‎Not fair, not fair at all!!‎‎‎

This week he took a taxi with his business agent to his home ‎away from home. As luck would have it, they were very ‎‎“unlucky ducks”, the doors were locked closed. Did I mention ‎that hubby does not like surprises? Could troubles be brewing ‎in the heavens?!‎

~ Pure Food & Wine Closed, Staff ‎Reportedly Walks Out ~


Surprises. My family does not like surprises and lately my path ‎has been laden with them…‎

A surprise can come from a place of wonder, discovery, ‎novelty and curiosity. I am sure that you have heard of almond ‎milk. What about flax seed milk?! Macadamia cheese?!‎

I spoke to my husband regarding plans to have a nut milk and ‎cheese workshop in our home. I wanted to check logistics and ‎extract a recommendation from him. He just had to get smart with ‎me…‎

‎‎‎Would you recommend the cheese?‎

‎‎‎I would highly recommend your spreads but they are not ‎cheeses but rather spreads! Spreads, that is a fitting name. There is ‎nothing wrong in calling them spreads. It would be fallacious to ‎call them cheeses.


And almond milk?‎‎‎

Almond milk? Milk is made by a cow. Cows and goats are ‎milked. I don’t know how to milk an almond. Milk comes from ‎the verb to milk.‎‎‎

‎‎‎Are you teaching me Hebrew?‎‎‎


‎‎‎So what would you call almond milk?‎‎‎

‎‎‎Almond brew.‎‎‎

‎‎‎Brew sounds like a witch’s brew, magic.

‎‎‎Brew comes from the word to drink, beverage. Brew is more ‎relevant for medication and not for witches. Witches are not ‎fashionable today.‎

And what did smart a-s have to say about my healthy energy ‎snacks?‎

‎‎‎YES; both thumbs up! I heartily recommend a taste. The only ‎problem is that you only give me tiny samples. In order to truly ‎due them justice you must give me some more to try…‎‎‎

‎‎‎What can you say about the taste?‎‎

‎‎‎The taste? They have a rich taste without being heavy. Often ‎when something is rich it weighs discomfortingly heavy and ‎impedes activity of any sort.‎

‎‎‎But the taste?‎

‎‎‎The taste is exquisite with a strong aftertaste of ‎‎‎‎‎‎more!‎‎‎

‎‎‎Call it whatever you want as long as it tastes‎‎ ‎‎‎good!‎‎

I may not be a witch but…
Let me concoct magic for you!‎