Dragon Bowl

‎‎‎Rice and Lentils‎‎

Soak overnight in warm water with apple cider vinegar
‎2 c black beluga lentils
‎2 c whole pearl (round) rice‎
The lentils can be added to cold, salted water and cooked
Add the rice to boiling salted water
The rice and lentils can be cooked like pasted and strained Al dente

‎‎‎Stir Fried Vegetables‎‎

Mushrooms naked food
Broccoli ‎
Stir fry with coconut oil


‎1 c cooked beluga lentils
‎2 c coconut liquid‎
‎2 T miso (from brown rice)‎
‎1 T maple syrup
‎1 clove of garlic‎
‎3 T nutritional yeast
Mix ingredients in blender and add salt to taste

‎‎‎To Serve

Gently fold sauce into stir fried vegetables until the desired amount has been added.‎ Serve stir fried vegetables and sauce over a bed of rice and lentils.‎

The remaining sauce can be refrigerated and used as a sauce for pasta (gluten free – of course)!‎

Bon Appétit!