Good Morning Greens


Good morning!‎
‎‎‎Can I offer you a green smoothie?‎
Good morning!‎
‎‎‎Can I offer you a green smoothie?‎
‎‎‎Not on my life!‎

Would you like a glass?‎
My treat!‎
‎‎‎What’s inside?‎
She inquired with suspicion.

Fruit,‎‎veggies, ‎‎ green leaves,‎
‎‎‎Nature’s gifts,
‎Certain to please!‎

Well ok,‎
I will take a chance,‎
Well don’t keep me guessing…‎
‎‎‎It is rather refreshing!‎

Why do you look at me so?‎
It is barely daybreak!
‎‎Must have my Joe!‎

‎ ‎
It’s part of my daily routine,
He took it swiftly.

‎‎I’m no guinea pig!‎
‎‎Said she

But darling,‎
You won’t believe the taste!‎
Perhaps you’ll reconsider,‎
Ok then,‎
Just one small sip…‎
Lip smacking good!

‎‎‎Sorry, she said,
‎Would it be terribly rude?‎
Would you call me greedy?‎
If I were to ask for ‎‎‎‎more?"

‎‎‎Are you looking for a fast, easy and pain free way to upgrade your health? Add a green smoothie daily to your routine. It's advantages are numerous:

♦ Improves health
♦ Brightens mood
♦ Strengthens the immune system
♦ Provides immediate energy
♦ Reduces depression
♦ Anti-inflammatory
♦ Promotes a healthy gut
♦ Portable
♦ Suitable for all ages
♦ Reduces cravings
♦ Excellent source of calcium
♦ Abundant source of antioxidants
♦ Disease prevention
♦ Provides a great outlet for creative expression in the kitchen

Green Shake = Glowing Health!
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