!Find Your Dream and Ride it


I am blessed!‎

Today at the age of fifty four I am constantly changing and even making my dreams come true. Last ‎September was spent completing a raw food certification with my daughter Sivan at the Matthew ‎Kenney Culinary in Santa Monica, California. “Raw food certification?” you ask. Think of it as a ‎cooking school with no cooking! Raw food is vegan cuisine, no meat, fish, eggs or dairy products, ‎and has not been heated over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea is to preserve the nutritional ‎integrity of the food as certain nutrients (such as enzymes) are destroyed or damaged during the ‎traditional cooking process.‎

One of my favorite quotes is: “Less is More”. Why in heaven’s name did I have to go all the way to ‎the West Coast of the United States?!

‎‎‎Less is More‎‎‎?


Take a look at these creations: mother nature sourced, natural colors and tastes!



‎‎‎Dreams Come True!

On one of my trips to visit family in the U.S., I ate at one of Matthew’s first raw food restaurants in ‎New York. Oh my G-d! That was one amazing gastronomic experience.

Let me just say that it was ‎divine: an unforgettable multi-sensory orgasmic experience that I didn’t want to end, ever!‎

The academy was founded by Matthew, a classically trained chef and owner of a number of ‎gourmet restaurants. As luck (our luck) would have it a friend invited Matthew to join him for a ‎meal at a raw food restaurant.

From that moment onwards Matthew’s life was shaken to its core. ‎He woke up the next morning with invigorating energies, lost were the familiar heavy and lethargic ‎sensations.

The next year following was spent in a quest to find novel ways to apply his classical ‎chef training to the preparation of raw food cuisine without, of course, integrating any of the ‎traditional gourmet ingredients such as cream, butter and flour nor traditional heated cooking ‎methods. Needless to say, it was a huge challenge to transform carrots, apples, lettuce and friends ‎into gourmet creations. Today Matthew’s name is synonymous ‎ with cutting edge plant based ‎gourmet cuisine.‎

What is to be gained by a raw food diet?

A raw food diet will supply an abundance of healthy foods, ‎nutrients, energy and superior foods which will remain integrant to their nutritional source. Regular ‎cooking methods, for the most part, drastically compromise the nutritional value of food. A raw ‎diet provides an alkalizing, enzyme rich and nutritionally superior diet. A raw food diet is known to ‎heal chronic disease and even cure other disease.‎

Yes, I am blessed!

‎‎‎First ‎‎‎ of all, I spent quality time with my grown daughter. It is not every day that ‎we are able to spend quality time with our grown children.

‎‎‎Second‎‎‎, I absorbed some of Matthew’s ‎magic which I am able to incorporate into my workshops. .

‎‎‎Third‎‎‎, I made room for other budding ‎dreams! If you will it …

Find Your Dream And Ride It!