Chasing Miracles

No Thank You Please!

My family doesn’t like miracles. Far too often, miracles are the aftermath of catastrophic misfortune.

Oddly, this bias hasn’t blinded me to calamity’s silver lining. I’ve noticed that out of the deepest depths, change sprouts its finest roots. Extraordinary paths emerge leading to otherwise unimaginable happy havens, a metamorphosis which but for the obstacles and hurdles on the way would have never revealed itself.

Michael J. Fox has been quoted speaking about his illness:

“I often say now I don’t have any choice whether or not I have Parkinson’s, but surrounding that non-choice is a million other choices that I can make.”

“It may seem hard to believe, but it’s catastrophe that offers the most promise for an even richer life. This is the gateway to the good stuff. In other words, you never truly know which way the wind is blowing until the shit hits the fan”.

Heroes Fall

Crisis, even catastrophe will touch us, after all it is pretty near unavoidable. Each of us is afforded a choice of how to proceed, fight or flee: swift and aggressive charge of “anything goes in the name of”, meek surrender into anguish and resignation or any of the plentiful choices in between on the spectrum.

Slaying the fallout of catastrophe requires superhuman effort, heroes fall. Thoughts of “my personal disaster” can lead to swift action: fight or flight. And we are proficient at both.

When it is our health on the table, surely in the developed world of the 21st century, most disease and illness is chronic, not acute (although it could be argued that a critical mass of chronically ill might be viewed as acute). At the root of most chronic disease lie common threads of poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyles and stress.

When the health of a loved one is compromised, this semantic distinction is of little or no relevance. It is my personal (and acute) disaster and no one can take that from me. At these times we often react in haste and make uninformed and misinformed (bad) decisions.

Tis the Season

Why sit around idly and wait for the next disaster? Why do we wander in a slumber, mindless behavior in routine’s shadow?

A new year awaits. Tis an opportune time to wipe the dust-off forgotten resolutions of years past:

  • Work less and love more
  • Lead, don’t follow
  • Smile, laugh and play
  • Nourish body, mind and soul
  • Breathe, sleep and dream
  • Find the courage to dare
  • Wander nature’s wonders
  • Choose joy
  • Listen more, speak less
  • Choose your thoughts with care
  • Sleep! (It’s all so important…) ☺
  • Be kind ♥

Disaster strikes out of nowhere? Really?!

We create our own destiny. It’s our day to day choices that shape our lives and the power to choose is ours.

Manifest miracles as we take control of our lives, make conscious choices and allow ourselves to live the healthiest, most joyous life possible.

Springboard to Health – your very special package awaits you here…