Bunny Hop

Bunny Hop

Free Fall Drop

On the move, you jump into your jeep and crank it up. You, your music and your machine rock on, lost in a private world of your own. Your foot much too heavy on the accelerator and your mind too far, light years away. We’ve all been there, treading precariously along the thin line bordering between the daydreams and the reality checks.

In the corner of your eyes a small animal suddenly hops into your field of vision. The tires squeal and you find yourself coloring deeply outside of the lines. You panic. A hard right sends you hurdling towards the ditch. You are losing control. Quickly your autopilot corrects and sends you into a hard left. Now traversing fast into the opposite lane of traffic, your frantic overcompensation leads you into a swift bunny hop over the railing and a free fall drop into the ravine below.

The Lawrence Welk Show: Dance To The Bunny Hop!

Featuring Alice Lon and The Lennon Sisters! (1957)

Ready For Battle

Warrior by birthright, I was in a perpetual state of RAW: Ready, Alert and Waiting. Perhaps you’ve met a likeness of the quintessential youth at its finest, believing without reserve in the righteousness of the cause? It was insanely impossible to hold a dialog with me. My ears were deaf to any opinion other than my own. It began with a deep sense of national pride (American), metamorphosed first to Zionism and later to feminism. With the ferociousness of a lioness, I supported the cause at hand. Every day was the first of May and the red flag was flown at full mast.

“All or nothing”, so too I found myself on the forefront of the battle for healthy nutrition. Any healthy or superfood became my personal ammunition. I stocked up well and devoured anything healthy in my path. I radically changed my ways. All at once I added new “healthies”: one, two or ninety two. Speed was of the essence as I stockpiled my ammo. Sharp turns and deviations from my former path became the new pattern of the day.

In the Mirror

We were born different you and I: to each of us his own unique DNA and fingerprints. We all greet a distinct reflection in the looking glass. Just as each of us holds his own appearance, tastes and passions, so too does each of us react differently to our food. Just as our taste buds speak a different language, so too does our body sense the aftermath of our meals with different emotions and feelings.

Few of us are able to correlate and perceive the connection between our food, our sensations and our health. While an acute allergic reaction to food will often provide a vivid image of cause and effect, in the absence of clear external stimuli, our perceptive tools are often lacking and hinder the discovery of these hidden connections.

Thus I found myself piling on the “healthies” at each meal while the alarming symptoms and sensations piled up.


There comes a moment when you just can’t it take any more. No more coach potato! Enough stuffing your face! Enough is enough!

In the heat of the moment, the turnaround is fast and extreme. It is doomed to failure. A free fall drop is only a matter of time.

Boost Your Bunny Hop

Our original How To Bunnyhop guide is – we think – the best on the internet. Now, Matt’s back to share a few tips on going even bigger. The original – https://youtu.be/nxF1Nsrc6S0

The eager beginning is full of good intentions. Calories are slashed in half. Dawn is greeted with a 2 mile run. Daily we boldly meet our goals. Our profile is airbrushed as the pounds shed and our body tightens up.  The wedding buffet calls our name. We stumble and feast, rerunning the table again and again.  Saturday morning we linger and can’t quite find the energy to make a break for the door. We give in and break our winning streak. We are quick to fall and fall hard, zigzagging our resolutions and knocking them down one by one. The finish line never seemed so far.

Bunny Hop?

Nobody is chasing you. Prepare a runway and not an obstacle course.

Practice moderation. Words of wisdom speak: “less is more.” Don’t add it all in at once: the chia, the spirulina , the goji berries and all the other superstars:  so too with sport and supplements. Allow your body time to adapt and signal.

Listen to the words of wisdom your body speaks. Reveal your sensors and soar.

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