The Price of Convenience



Often we find ourselves living a no-brainer life. On a day to day basis we drown ourselves in a shower of countless mindless decisions. At a first glance these seemingly inconsequential choices are made “along the way” without any contemplation or hesitation: a storyline suitable to a T to our modern fast and easy lives.

Do any of these no-brainers ring a bell?

Grab and go meals for school lunches: convenience over health.‎
Bottle over breast: peace of mind over health.‎
Classic trans sweetened white PB&J for school: peace & quiet over health.‎
Little bodies glued to big (and little) screens: echoes of silence over vitality.‎
Vaccinations: obedience over conscious choice.‎
The pill: convenience over the unknown‎

Don’t, not for one moment, assume that I am here to chide. I am no better than you: choice by default is a choice and not a good one at that.

My message may appear to be simple and unequivocal; however, often it is precisely these everyday choices which have the power to mold our future.

The Pill

As fate would have it, I was born in 1960, the very same year that the first oral contraceptive (the Pill) came to market. My mother was amongst the early easers of the illustrious innovation and used it consistently for decades. After an unsuccessful attempt with the diaphragm, I too turned to the pill. I abruptly stopped using the pill mid-cycle after some twenty years.   While participating in a battery of health/fitness tests initiated at hubby’s workplace, I chose to undergo genetic coagulation testing. I discovered a genetic predisposition to developing blood clots. Prior to finishing the current cycle of contraceptives, my mother was hospitalized and I was forced to end mid-cycle so that I could board the transatlantic flight with a sound mind.

I’ve been gifted with an unremarkable memory; surely painful memories are quickly forgotten and buried deep. Such has been my autopilot mode for decades.

Not long ago, I committed to writing my story of profound pain and the journey to self-healing. It has been almost six months since I wrote the first blog. Again and again, I find myself remembering yet another detail which I had forgotten.

Actually, the ongoing dialogue with pain began the moment that I stopped using the pill. Midair on the transatlantic flight I felt the first foreign sensations in my body. Upon my return home, I began to investigate as I ran from one doctor to another. As I presented my medical history, I made sure to point out that my discomforts began as soon as I stopped taking the Pill.

Without fail, I would question: Is it not possible that there is a connection between the hormones and the pain, especially as I stopped taking the hormones mid-cycle? The answer was always the same unequivocal and resounding: NO!

My mother, may she rest in peace, was always an active woman. She participated in a variety of physical activities: skiing, yoga, aerobics, ice skating, hiking and horseback riding. She had a passion for life and stuck out from the crowd.

I know that Mom took the Pill for many years, definitely past the age of forty- something. I do not know precisely at what age she stopped. She was not yet 60 when she suffered her first stroke. Her health deteriorated from that point on. There was yet another stroke and she suffered many years from Parkinson’s disease. She died when her weak heart failed her.

My mother’s story cannot but help raise many unanswered questions. One in particular haunts me to this day: What part, if any, did the artificial hormones have in her demise?

As a mother to two young women, I played a focal part in their choice of birth control protection. Perhaps it is already clear to you that this was yet another no-brainer.

Oral contraceptives are convenient and extremely effective. Way before the pill was used as a contraceptive device, my daughters used it as an easy way to combat acne and regulate irregular menstrual cycles.

Over time, I began to question the effect that oral contraceptives have on our health and I advised my children to stop using the Pill. It was not an easy task as it always seemed to involve unwanted side effects such as acne.



In the end, both girls stopped using oral contraceptives. The first suffered relatively minor side effects and the second is fighting the battle of her life.

But just a few weeks after she stopped taking the Pill, she began displaying the signs of an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism):  crazy coincidence or apparent cause and effect?!

The conventional caregivers have been adamant that the thyroid issues are absolutely unrelated to the contraceptives. The alternative caregivers, however, are of a completely different opinion…

Oral contraceptives are usually formulated with two synthetic hormones, progesterone and estrogen, which combine forces to prevent ovulation and thereby prevent pregnancy.

Hormones are chemical messengers which control most of our bodies’ processes, anything from growth and metabolism to fertility (and many more in-between). If we repress the natural reproduction system with synthetic or “fake” hormones for many years, is it not logical to assume that our natural system may falter when we expect it to kick in and run precisely as before?

I made an attempt to utilize my incredible research abilities (if there’s a will there’s a way…) on the web to discover research data focused around the long term effects of oral contraceptives. I must admit that I failed miserably. I don’t know if this reflects poor scouting skills, nonexistent data or perhaps content which is hidden from our eyes?

I am sorry to say that I don’t have the answers. I will, of course, continue to investigate and enquire.

This is a wakeup call; our natural resources are scarce!

There is a drought outside. Stop showering yourself with mindless decisions!

Is it not time that we began to ask: just what is the price we pay for convenience?

If you have not yet read about the rocky part of my journey, you can read it here.‎

I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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