To Infinity and Back


Fear, friend or foe, which camp does your Fear occupy?

Me and my Fear, that which prevents me from biking unforgiving terrain and protects me at all costs, we’re “Besties” for life.

The other Fear, the one that paralyzes me with fright and prevents me from knocking down barriers and fulfilling my dreams, she’s no friend of mine!

Waking up in a cold sweat from a panic attack, sound familiar? My primordial Fear was surely no different than yours. From the earliest thoughts that I can recall there was much dread surrounding the “D” word. Our Fear of Death is universal. Sadly, that did not make mine any less terrifying. As a child and even into adulthood, I consistently found myself counting lifetimes as iterations. How many were left to live?

Many of my worst Fears center staged Death. I could not bear the thought of being boxed in total darkness, buried under the weight of the earth above. The thought that life would continue as usual up above was incomprehensible! Normal as my Fear of losing my parents may have been, it was all too terrifying. Later, as a parent, my worst nightmare was envisioning, heaven forbid,  the loss of a child.

WTF is Infinity?!

In time, my preoccupation with Death led me to open pastures. My fixation with the finite wandered to infinity and back. Suddenly thoughts of a world without death became no less of a terror. Pardon my language but WTF is infinity?! Who can begin to imagine an infinite timeline?

I designed one. I embraced an immaculate eternity of my design. Much as mathematics in gaming, complete with a tree diagram, the game was not “over” until every option had been tried. It was a redo of sorts, allowing each of us to live every other (unchosen) turn in our journey.

Fast forward many years forward, how many iterations remain? At my venerable age I am afraid that not even one remains…

Many years have gone by since I felt the terrifying grip of Death’s Fears. Of course I am not without worry for my children’s’ welfare, however, it does not consume me. My ultimate fear these days is inextricably bound by the “E” word, Enough. Did I do Enough? What on my bucket list is the “F” word thwarting me from doing and WTF happened to my courage to dare?

All or Nothing?

There are other options. I can choose to accept my fate, to engage on all fronts OR to choose a specific agenda for the new day.

To be healthy is to forswear one’s guilty pleasures, right? Who in her right mind would wish to give up all of her vices and abstain from the delightful pleasures of life?

He’s no friend of yours that other Fear. Accept the courage to dare. Change, friend or foe? Do you quiver with Fear every time you hear the “C” word?

Forget about giving up all of your vile habits, even the diet soda and the cigarettes!

Make a decision to befriend the “A” word. Allow the change. Add in one small change; allow one healthy habit to germinate its magic.

Second chances, not seconds nor second best, ‎
Leave no room for regrets!

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