Lucky Woman


My own path to healing was a bumpy one, marked by despair, pain, and, yes, terror.

I was clueless ‎as to the ‎identity of the surely ‎deadly disease nesting within. I did not know where to turn.‎‏ ‏Much ‎as my choices were ‎often impulsive and even misguided; ultimately these very choices molded me ‎anew. Out of the darkness I ‎found light and out of the sorrow I chose joy. ‎

Michael J. Fox said it before me, I am a lucky woman.‎ I can remember reading his memoir, Lucky Man, and being blown away by his words. Who in his ‎right mind would give gratitude for having Parkinson’s disease? ‎

‎“When life takes away, something of greater value is always given in return‏.‏‎” ~ Michael J. Fox‎

Not for one moment do I wish to compare my journey to Michael’s, or, heaven forbid to that of ‎Christopher Reeve (The former star of the first four Superman movies, left quadriplegic after a ‎tragic spill from his horse.):‎

‏"‏I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of ‎overwhelming obstacles.‎‏"‏‎ ~ Christopher Reeve

What I can say, however, is simply this: my health crisis and my subsequent bumpy path to healing ‎forever changed me. But for it, I would not be standing where I am today.‎

My transformation was no less than the amazing before and after pictures of someone who has ‎shed 200 pounds. Unbelievable as it may sound, the metamorphosis revealed not only altered ‎behaviors but changes in my core personality.‎

I can recall averting my gaze as I walked the paths of the kibbutz. I was uncomfortable making eye ‎contact and did my best to keep to myself. I would walk about with a tattooed frown of sorts, ‎trying to make myself obscure at any cost. Quite often the tone of my appearance was read as ‎haughty rather than demure. If only they knew … ‎

More often than not, I was reluctant to speak up and voice my thoughts. Never did it occur to me ‎that there might be more than a casual link between “my body the bunker” and my body’s whole ‎health.‎

♦ I would like to give gratitude. Together I am more.‎


I walked about stiff in my suit of armor. This was a battle to be won at all costs. Hardened and ‎numbed by my refusal to acknowledge the pain, I did not realize that my unwillingness to allow the ‎pain only served to exacerbate hostilities. On the one hand I did not want to deal with the pain, but ‎on the other hand I was all too busy 24/7 with unsettling thoughts: “What new pain will show up ‎today?”‎

Many wonderful holistic healers partnered with me. I happily embraced the gifts of Rolfing, ‎Greenberg, Gyrotonic, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Osteopathic Medicine, N.A.E.T., Body Rolling, ‎Chiropractic Medicine, Reflexology, Homeopathy, “Dr. Whole Foods” and Ballroom Dancing and ‎this is just the short list…‎

I inherited my father’s large and heavy strides. Graceful, who me? No siree! I was never an ‎acclaimed dancer. How did darling dearest describe my movements?: “Rigid, robotic and ‎mechanical.” ‎

Later my eldest daughter had this to say: “You practice (Nia) all the ‎time at home. Aba has ‎commented on this in the past and I, as well as everyone ‎else, agree with him that there has been ‎definite improvement in your ‎movement, your grace. Without warning, however, today I saw you ‎in a ‎completely different light! It was like: wow! Where are those moves coming ‎from?! I looked at ‎you and thought there is no way that I will be able to ‎duplicate those moves! I thoroughly enjoyed ‎watching you move and just ‎wanted to sit down and watch.‎‎‎"‎

An integral part of my healing journey was my exposure to Nia. Nia embodies the joy of ‎movement and is the natural synthesis of movement, nutrition and “the courage to dare” (voila, ‎Naked Nutrition ‘n’ Nia). Nia is delightful movement set to the sounds of rich and diverse music, a ‎fusion of dance arts, martial arts and ‎healing arts. Nia is an authentic multi-sensory experience and ‎a journey to self-healing and empowerment, mind, body and soul alike.‎

Nia has awarded me a body that is joyful to move in. From out of nowhere, random strangers ‎began to greet me and ask: “Are you a dancer?”‎

It has been a challenge to accept flattery with grace and not with my autopilot awkward shrug.‎

♦ I would like to give gratitude. Dance radiates in and out.‎

Nia was one of my first stepping stones towards joy. I’ve since added a meditation practice which ‎has “wholed up” my joy.‎

♦ I would like to give gratitude for the pain which kindled my journey.‎

‎Out of the darkness I ‎found light and out of the sorrow I chose joy. May I conclude my “Lucky ‎Woman Memoir” with a final quote from Michael J. Fox?‎

‎ “Happiness is a decision.”‎

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