Avocado and Ginger Delights


If you haven’t noticed yet, ginger is a permanent fixture in my kitchen. I also love avocado, ‎although that was not always the case. Avocado will provide a pleasing texture to any green ‎smoothie or dessert. It has a neutral taste and will adapt well in any recipe. Mousse anyone?‎

Luscious Lemon

‎1 cored apple cut into eighths
‎½ lemon: juice and zest
‎4 strawberries (with hull)‎
‎1 T fresh chopped ginger
‎½ avocado
‎¼ t salt

Chocolate Orange

‎½ lemon juiced
‎½ t lemon zest
‎1 T ground flax
‎6 whole Kumquat oranges (with peel)‎
‎4 Madgul dates
‎1 t fresh chopped ginger
‎4 T cocoa
‎½ avocado
‎2 cored apples cut in eighths

For either recipe, blend all ingredients in blender. Best if chilled in freezer for one hour before ‎serving. Fast and easy, gluten free, vegan healthy desserts. Suitable for die-hard carnivores (but ‎best not to divulge the ingredients before giving them a bite…).‎

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