Against All Odds


On the wall these words were boldly splattered:

“After 3 years… Boten (Peanut) has been ‎found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!‎"

Just like that, against all odds, our daughter’s dog magically reappeared. Three long years, without so much as ‎a sign of life from her, came to a joyous end.‎

There are moments which are painfully carved into our memories and then there are those that burn bright ‎from head to toe. The joy spreads rapidly and pulses from cell to cell, leaving a warm and fuzzy tingle in its ‎path. Yesterday’s stormy weather did little to damper the joy of the reunion. Boten was back!‎

I chose to honor Boten’s return with my daughter’s special blessing:‎

May your cell phone signal always be strong,‎
Your shoe laces never fray,‎
No soda dare to explode in your face,‎
Should you never be stuck on an elevator,‎
Your parking angel always be near,‎
May you feel the need to TOOT when alone,‎
Should yourway be lit up with joy and forever green!‎

And I added this:‎

May you always be greeted with cold wet kisses,‎
Forever caressed with a warm furry creature’s love.‎


I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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