The Black Bash


Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving: once again another season of festivities is upon us. The more fortunate amongst us gather round a swollen holiday table and give thanks for abundant bounty. With too many appetizing dishes to choose from, most give in to the tantalizing colorful aromas and overindulge.

Black Friday

The festivities continue well into the next day. Many waddle their way out directly, in a hurry to be first on line at the bargain tables.

Here in the holy land, few sat down to a thanksgiving meal. Fret not; most were turbocharged the next morning to accost “The Charge” ahead. Not for nothing has Black Friday been declared an unofficial national day of recreation…

An abundant life should not be measured by the wealth of our discarded leftovers or by the blinding light of our harvested collectibles.

Amidst a sea of hooks cast into the web one of them caught my attention and filled me with joy.


REI, the large recreational equipment chain proclaimed:  “We’re closing our stores on Black Friday so we can get outside and play. We hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving and that you’ll choose to #OptOutside, too.”

Another day I read: “Today we # OptOutside. Instead of fighting the crowds on Black Friday, we’ll be enjoying fresh air in the places we love. We hope to see you there. Join us outside.”

The chain also provided an app which allowed its campaign supporters to post a selfie on social media and declare their recreational intent for Black Friday. It was a fresh voice amidst a dark crowd in a drunken stupor.


To be honest, I’ve never been attracted to alcohol. Its taste has little appeal to me. I do, however, like shopping for beautiful things: guilty as charged. That being said, as my creative passions have begun to focus elsewhere, I have seen a sharp decline in my “need to buy” urges. Friday was a day spent with family in the celebration of our eldest daughter’s birthday.

Elsewhere in the holy land on Black Friday, a frenzy of feverous religious festivities raged outside at the national park Zipori . The leftover remnants hinted at the Black Friday Bash by the tomb of Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi.

As usual, Saturday was our day to “OptOutside” and bike. As it happened, we too found ourselves at the tomb site. A lavish spread of leftovers and trash left us shocked and speechless.

book table

“Israel is a light unto the nations”… No aura was to be found surrounding the sacred site. Black Friday indeed!

Giving Gratitude

A man of faith walks tall, giving gratitude in its purest form. Daily he blesses the abundance in his midst. A woman of faith embraces the dawn of each new day with grace. Her heart rejoices life’s gifts. A man of faith walks his path true, the good book often nowhere in sight…

Zipori – Bar Mitzvah celebration in white, Rosh Hashana

“Be the change you seek in the world.” ~ Gandhi

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Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani

We were so dismayed by the total disregard for our planet!!! It was a prayer booklet left behind. We found numerous ones. A sorry state indeed… This is not the way of the faithful!


What a disregard for God’s creation! All of creation is sacred and we are but the stewards of it. This flagrant abuse is disgusting. That was not just a small gathering of people. The sense, no doubt, that someone else will clean up, until the few left at the end just abandoned any responsibility. What is the book you are holding up?