…More Than Food

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Meet Sara…‎

Sara is meticulous about what she eats. She starts every ‎morning with a “green” shake filled with every nourishing fruit ‎and vegetable that she can find. Throughout her day she makes ‎sure to eat only nutritious foods. She steers clear of all ‎processed foods, white carbs and sugar in all of its disguises.‎

Sara finds it impossible to wake up in the morning. She waits ‎until the last possible moment to dress in haste and quickly ‎prepare her shake for “take away”. In haste, she runs out to the ‎car, finishing buttoning her top on the way. The commute to ‎work is stressful; it is always down to the wire. Will she or ‎won’t she? ‎

Work, another day of torture at a dead end job…

The pile of “to ‎dos” tops over. There is little time for breaks; the nutritious ‎salad she bought for lunch is eaten while she enters the data ‎on her screen. Sometime towards six in the evening she ‎staggers out. Once again she decides that she has no energy ‎for the gym. Sara was supposed to meet her friend Jayne but ‎she texts her at the stoplight on the way home: “Sorry, I’ll have ‎to take a rain check – I’m beat!” Once home she plops herself ‎on the sofa with leftovers from the fridge. From there it is an ‎easy switch to “once upon a time” land. Her evening is spent ‎in-between her favorite TV series and surfing on the computer ‎from one online dating site to the next. In the middle of the ‎night she picks herself up off the couch and plops into bed ‎without showering.

Not but a few hours later the alarm clock ‎brutally rings. Here we go again…‎

105H roller skates

Have you met David?‎

David awakes to the light of the sunrise filtering into his ‎bedroom. He hugs his sleeping wife and lingers, spooning and ‎enjoying these first precious moments of his day. Sighing, he ‎kisses his wife and leaves to put on his yoga attire. He steps out ‎onto the porch with his yoga mat and moves with ease from ‎pose to pose, asana to asana. Before leaving his last pose he ‎transitions to his meditation mantra and enjoys his moments of ‎solitude and relaxation. It is still early; he takes the time to heat ‎up some leftover pizza. He reaches into the fridge and ‎pulls out a soda to go with his breakfast. He lingers over his ‎meal while listening to Tchaikovsky in the background. ‎

It is time to move on. He packs up his backpack and leaps onto ‎his bike. Choosing to enjoy the warm hues of ‎autumn, he takes the scenic route to work, . As he parks his bike, coworkers greet him warmly. He ‎jokes around a bit and then goes inside. The day goes by ‎quickly. The new project seems to be moving along well. David ‎and his colleagues are pleased at their progress. They decide ‎midday to have an impromptu picnic lunch at the park to ‎celebrate. David calls his wife Noa towards the end of the day ‎and they make plans to meet for dinner. After dinner they stop ‎at the lake for an evening stroll. Once home, they put on some ‎jazzy music and dance. The dancing metamorphoses, ‎once to a slow kiss, once again to hysterical laughter in a ‎huddle on the floor. They roll around together on the rug and ‎help each other up into the shower. They enjoy their shower ‎together and tuck themselves in. ‎

Dawn finds them twined together tightly.‎

Health, is it more than the food? You be the judge.‎


In memory of the victims in Paris: may ‎they rest in peace.‎..

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Paula Graham
8 years ago

Another great article and an important topic for us all to consider Helene!
Your Pal,

Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani
8 years ago
Reply to  Paula Graham

Hey Paula
Thank you for your warm support. Why is it that we think that if we eat all of the vibrant and healthy foods that all of our health issues will be magically solved…