I Have a Dream


Breaking the Mold

We are different you and I; no mold is the same. Although we are packaged in different shapes ‎and sizes and colored many assorted shades of beauty, we are also very similar you and I. Deep ‎within our beings we sprout dreams. We each sport our own unique hopes and aspirations. Both ‎the deep souled visionary as well as the dream catcher, who bides his time, baiting many a small ‎fry, can be found amongst us.‎

Whether our dream be bold and brazen or hidden beneath the surface, we each kindle a flame of ‎hope within our hearts. Usually most of our precious time will be spent dealing with the small ‎‎“fluff” while our grand vision is pushed, whether consciously or not, to the recesses of our ‎attentions, far beyond our agenda.‎

We are quick to center stage flashy slogans on T shirts but a true call to action is reluctant to ‎emerge. Small dreams, small stuff: the way is clear. There is little dilemma and it’s merely a ‎question of time and money until we are able to fulfill our dreams. When our dream is a bold ‎vision, however, this is hardly the case. On the one hand, our vision is intense and empowering, ‎but, on the other hand, it is both paralyzing and overpowering. There is neither a “How to Fulfill ‎Your Vision for Dummies” handbook nor any clear instructions on “How to Assemble Your Visionary ‎Plan”. There is much work ahead and the first move is far from clear.‎

A Dream is Born

Once upon a blue moon, however, our vision is so clear and so powerful that it develops a mind of ‎its own. It ravages our agenda and makes its grand entrance boldly, unannounced and totally ‎unexpected. Quite possibly we were clueless, totally unaware of important plans brewing to ‎spout: a song is born. ‎

How is a song born?‎
Like a baby
At the beginning it hurts
But then it comes out
And everyone is happy
And suddenly – Wow!‎
It walks on its own

Excerpt from The 16th Lamb ‎- Yonatan Gefen

Mazal Tov!

And so the story went in my house: merely substitute “blog” instead “song”.‎


Congratulations! Mazal Tov! Today marks the first anniversary of the birth of my blog. The “cherub” ‎is one years old. You can read my first post here: “Find Your Dream and Ride It!” About a year and a ‎half ago I created a vision board and nothing within that board made a direct reference to a desire ‎to blog. While fabricating my board, I had no vision, neither large nor small, to become a blogger: it ‎absolutely never crossed my mind. ‎


It seems that the universe had other plans for me. As a young girl, I spent much time with creative ‎writing projects. “Thoughts at 16” was a printed collection of songs, poems, stories and other ‎creations written by me. At school I was often praised for my writing abilities. Upon completion of ‎my academic studies and as computers and other technologies invaded my life, my writing days ‎came to an almost complete standstill. ‎

Coincidentally, about a year and a half ago my mother passed away. Her passing seems to have ‎been the major force which shocked and motivated me to pick up my pen once again. I wrote a ‎moving piece in her memory to be read at her funeral. This became the basis for a post to my ‎Facebook business page. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with a flood of “likes” and comments. The ‎rest is history: that first post became the gateway to my blog, my website and the basis for my ‎short animated clip which will makes its debut momentarily.‎


Need I reveal to you that I also had no plans to produce an animated clip…. That dream also took on ‎a life of its own, a life so powerful and so full of vitality that it is kicking me with all of its might: let ‎me out of here! I am directly in the line of fire. The labor contractions are overwhelming and I can’t ‎wait to meet this newest addition to my family!‎

Say No!

I lost my father to severe arteriosclerotic heart disease at the young age of 54, my ‎mother to ‎Parkinson’s.‎

Chronic disease is but a product of the choices that we ‎make. In your day to day actions say no to ‎chronic disease. Choose to embody the power that is naturally yours.‎

The power is ours!

I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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Finally I would like to request that you please share my post which precedes the ‎release of my animated clip (soon, I promise). I am so excited! Please share this ‎post…

Thank you and have a great week!‎


You tell your future! The power is ours!

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Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani
8 years ago

So great to have your shining face on my cheering squad! I hope that I can continue to be a source of hope and inspiration. This is so where I want to be!
I am afraid that I can not take credit for most of the videos I put on display but I try to choose them well 🙂

Paula Graham
Paula Graham
8 years ago

I adore your special flare for serving up so much hope and inspiration, while also serving up great recipes and tips for nourishing body, mind and soul, Helene!

Your videos rock!

Thank you!