Black and Blue

Our son and his friends explore with a unicycle

Saw it
Liked it
Clicked and shared
Again and again

Laughed alone
Applause applause ‎
Had to “shoutout”‎
A “double barreled” horray

Sheds tears
No one there to comfort
Gropes for the mouse
Must acknowledge this

Glued to the seat
Eyes bore home
Wants to go
But has to stay

Crafts a comment
Lets everyone know
Scrolling down
Must catch up

Feeling her way
Through the gossip
Tangled in the web

Just one more look
Another cute kitty
Paw prints
Lead her way

Friends, there are many
She wears them like a badge
Only wishes she could recall
A familiar sign

In the Land of Pretend
An easy girl
Leaves her mark

Caught her eye?‎
She must reply
Collects her likes
Holding them close to heart

A moment long since gone
She counts
All her blue gems

A tangled web
Black typeface
Blue thumbs up
Scarred for life

Drama dies quickly
Click click
Friends have gone away
A virtual embrace
Little consolation
For face to face


The Stone Age

When I moved to the kibbutz there were but a few telephones and not a one to be found within the members’ homes. My parents would call and had to reach me via the telephone in the communal dining room. During the 1982 Lebanon War hubby was at the front. By that time there was a “major” breakthrough in the kibbutz communications: a phone system linked through a manual switchboard system. Of course, all communications between hubby and I during his reserve duty were initiated at the front through a field telephone. During the days of rage of the first and then second Intifadas, terror ran rampant. We had no way of communicating with our children when they went out with their friends. Many a weary night was spent waiting up to great their safe return. In time technological advances were able to supply the market with affordable mobile telephone solutions and we quickly bought ourselves an easy fix for our peace of minds.

Technology Spring

Later the IPhone craze was born and a good friend proudly showed off his new toy. I politely feigned interest as I oohed and awed in all the right places. Truth be told, I just did not see it to be the cool gadget that he did: it was not lacking in my life. For years I touted a company “stupid” phone (copyrighted by my daughter) from work. It served me well and, most importantly, was all but indestructible and survived many spills and potentially cracked and shattered screens.

In time, a long time at that, my company did upgrade its mobile phones to smartphones. Hubby whispered in my ear words of encouragement. He knew that I would quickly adapt to the new technology and utilize it to its fullest extent.

And he was right of course. I do not leave home without my smartphone or my IPad, which I adopted a few years later. I must admit, it is a little too hard for me to divert my attention from the screens….

Once, a long time ago, hubby spent some time in a chat room. It would occupy many of the wee hours of the night. This webbed hobby passed quickly. For my part, a few years later I discovered Facebook and was swept away by it. I was to discover long lost childhood friends and a strong web of online communities with common passionate interests.

Indeed the technology is amazing. It is captivating and latches its hold on us. We must be clear between the boundaries of our real life and those of the virtual world. At home, at work, on the playground with our children and even behind the wheel we are glued to our screens. Our children and our loved ones do not receive the attention that they deserve.

Like like like …

On the one hand, we click our praise freely with no restraints. On the other hand, we check and double check our screens in anticipation of thumbs up and other praise to be lavished upon our posts. We just want to be loved. Who will “like” me? Let’s not forget the biggest thrills are to be found outside of our screens.

May I recommend three ways to create and cultivate good feelings without the use of the cursed blue button?

Develop a practice of gratitude. Even before you swing your feet out of bed in the morning, give your thanks. In your mind create a mantra “ten”: find a list of ten things, small and large alike, which bless your life and give gratitude.

Find the time to be at one with nature and self. Close your eyes or focus on a majestic landscape and practice your “One Moment Meditation”.

Give candid praise for a “job” well done. We do so love to criticize and complain. Don’t be stingy; caress with your words.  Me like it!

May I present you with a captivating song in the spirit of peace which seems to be slipping away these days in the middle of our eastern home …

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