Groping In The Dark


‎“Can you repeat that?” ‎
‎“What was it that just you said? “‎
‎“I did not get it all down. Wait, hold up!” ‎

More often than not, there were frequent ‎interruptions during class. Although I began my academic studies in ‎Washington, both of my degrees were completed in Israel. From the ‎beginning, I was astonished, and yes a bit perturbed, to discover a ‎typical Israeli student behavior. ‎

Who Screwed Up?

For the most part, it appeared that the Israeli educational system did ‎little to prepare its students to take notes. In addition, I found writing ‎skills to be lacking. Later, as our children went through the system, my ‎initial assessments regarding the Israeli students were corroborated.‎

Of particular interest is the incongruency between our extraordinary ‎entrepreneur innovation and our ordinary writing proficiency. Imagine ‎what a one up we could achieve if our writing skills were to match our ‎innovation mastery…‎

Surely, now as our psychometric testing has begun to incorporate a ‎writing module, I am not the only Israeli to recognize this as an issue ‎worthy of national debate. ‎


Multiple Monitors?

Since the discovery of the “boob tube” and every screen since, we ‎have been reading less and less. I am uncertain if part of the ‎incompetence is not due to indigestion. It is not a challenging ‎problem, nothing that a little fiber and some good “reads” won’t ‎cure…‎

Playing House

There are any number of issues that we enter the age of majority ill ‎prepared to face. This is universal.

Except for the fortunate few, for we ‎step into a relationship, bear and raise children and play house: ‎playing house because, quite frankly, no one ever coached and taught ‎us the ropes of the game.‎

Such are the subjects of health and nutrition, heck; even our doctors ‎are under educated in the science of nutrition and lack the tools to ‎connect the two with the gusto merited.‎

In The Headlines

The rampant growth of chronic disease has caused many a headline of ‎late: ‎

‎12 Frightening Facts About Milk ‎
High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat ‎
Cleveland Clinic Says Bye-Bye to Big Macs ‎
Reversing Heart Disease with Diet ‎
Sugar: Eight Times More Addictive Than Cocaine ‎
The Man who Believes Sugar is Poison ‎
Is Broccoli a Nutritional Showstopper? ‎
Spirulina: The Amazing Superfood You’ve Never Heard Of…‎

For today, let’s agree to put this debate aside. Instead of health and ‎nutrition, I want to target sports and nutrition. It is common ‎knowledge that physical fitness and good health are closely ‎intertwined. Many a couch potato has found his way to the gym, ‎some even making their way to triathlons and the like. ‎

Much as our teachers failed to instruct us on how to be good parents ‎or good spouses, no one was around to coach us, we the ones who ‎were not chosen to be on the team, how to be good athletes or, ‎specifically, the connection between performance, diet and health.‎

Growing pains

Other than some obvious ground rules like the importance of ‎hydration, not overeating before activity and perhaps wearing a hat in ‎the sun, we blindly grope our way. Though not an athlete per se, I ‎have learned much from my growing pains and would love to share ‎some invaluable knowledge I have gained on the trails.‎‏ ‏

It appears that I have much to share. Instead of showering you with an ‎extremely long post, I am going to just share the headlines now.‎

bike yukon

1‎‏2‏‎ Trail Posts Not To Be Missed

Be Prepared ‎
Dress The Part ‎
Dress Up ‎
It’s Not Frivolous! ‎
Burn Baby Burn
Speed Can Be Your Ally ‎
Questionable Obstacles
Be a Lefty
Play Dirty
The Enigma In You
On The Seventh Day

Have I got your attention? Trying to figure out what the heck I am ‎talking out? Stay tuned next week as the mystery unfolds:)

I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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Thank you and have a great week!‎


You tell your future! The power is ours!

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Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani
6 years ago

CHOOSE to embody the power that is naturally yours!

Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani
6 years ago

Shalom Ruthie!
Your words are spot on. If I have one message it is this

It is our choices that shape our lives‎
Our health, our happiness and our legacy‎
Not necessarily major life changing choices
But rather the mundane day to day ones

What did you put on your plate today?‎

Did you venture?‎
Did you breathe?‎
Did you laugh?‎
Did you dance?‎
Did you love?‎

The power is ours!‎


6 years ago

Basically I agree with your writings this week. In addition, I would like to add that when we are young we tend to have a know it all attitude coupled with that won’t happen to me mentality. As Mark Twain said “youth is wasted on the young.” Too late we wake up to find that Big Macs have done their damage and return to good health is not so simple. Certainly much more difficult than being on the right path from the beginning. We all know what we should do for physical and mental health – it’s almost in our… Read more »