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There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you want. ‎Take a job that you love. You will jump out of bed in the morning. I ‎think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t ‎like because you think it will look good on your resume. Isn’t that a ‎little like saving up sex for your old age? ‎‏~‏‎ Warren Buffett

My Virtual Wonderland

The web is a marvelous tool. To prepare for my blog, I “milk” the net. ‎This improves both the quality and depth of my writing. I currently ‎blog in two different languages: one is foreign, while the other, ‎although native, simply does not flow in its former natural rhythm. In ‎both cases, I utilize the web to search for synonyms, check spelling ‎and verify word combinations. Here I have found a brilliant paradise ‎where all searches are carried out with simplicity and ease. Much to ‎my demise, however, here to be found is also a cursed playground ‎where it becomes ever so easy to just hang out and play… ‎

What’s a blogger to do?‎

There is something magical (perhaps at times of the black kind) about ‎the web’s luminous reach. At any moment, through a webbed source ‎of wands, it is possible to access countless ideas, interviews, people, ‎stories, news and documents. Every search expands the network of ‎ideas which connect and merge. Similarly, each new quest threatens ‎to change the original blog post’s topic unrecognizably.‎

Outdoor Play as a Tool for Creativity

If you are seeking to bring more creativity into your life, might I ‎suggest some outdoor activity? While unsure of the exact mechanics, ‎it works like a charm, time and time again. Every Saturday morning I ‎pack up to mountain bike with the gang. I fill up my “camel bag” with ‎water and snacks and leave with a clear intention of the week’s post. ‎It may be only semi formed but the topic and some basic links are ‎clear. Throughout our 3-4 hour bike ride I become flooded with pearls ‎of wisdom and links of how to tie the post together. By the end of our ‎ride I am anxious to return home and begin writing. ‎

Suddenly I am lost within the web. It is always a tossup exactly how ‎the adventure will end: ever weary of the rampant flow of villains and ‎heroines lurking beyond the screen who will lure me into their lair. ‎Once inside, my post will be hijacked off route… Such was the story of ‎this week’s blog. ‎

I stumble across a fascinating Ted lecture and am lead off track to ‎investigate something else. As always, the information can be used to ‎add another creative and imaginative connection, set aside for future ‎use or merely as another way to dally and put off the task at hand. ‎

Swept away by an engaging and passionate man with a vision, I ‎paused to watch his Ted lecture and then promptly joined his ‎community of visionaries.‎

This was his call to action:‎

What is the work you can’t not do? Discover it. Live it. Not just for ‎you but for everybody around you. Because that is what starts to ‎change the world.

One day he realized that he was moving from job to job in an effort to ‎build up his resume. This was the wake up call which rocked his world, ‎the day that he said goodbye: quit his job and followed his heart. He ‎discovered a Gallop Poll on the subject of employee engagement at ‎work. It was disheartening to learn that the majority of workers in the ‎world are not engaged at work. I found the original research report ‎and I’ve included my small sampling of the data.‎


The data is alarming. While the raw results were not published, it does ‎state that countries were included in the study only if at least 300 ‎people answered the poll. While researching this blog I came upon ‎other studies of employee engagement. All of the data points to an ‎average engagement of but 20-30% of employees at work. The results ‎are far from encouraging, neither for the employees nor for the ‎employers.‎

I won’t dwell on the immense contribution which employee ‎involvement brings to both the company and the employee. Ultimately, the ‎company’s success and the employee’s sense of fulfillment are forever ‎intertwined.‎

As I looked at the poll’s questions, I could not help but feeling ‎distraught as I recalled my previous employment…‎

 1.‎ I know what is expected of me at work.‎
‎2.‎ I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work right.‎
‎3.‎ At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.‎
‎4.‎ In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for ‎doing good work.‎
‎5.‎ My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a ‎person.‎
‎6.‎ There is someone at work who encourages my development.‎
‎ 7.‎ At work, my opinions seem to count.‎
‎8.‎ The mission or purpose of my company makes me feel my job is ‎important.‎
‎9.‎ My associates or fellow employees are committed to doing ‎quality work. ‎
‎10.‎ I have a best friend at work.‎
‎11.‎ In the last six months, someone at work has talked to me ‎about my progress.‎
‎12.‎ This last year, I have had opportunities at work to learn ‎and grow.‎

Find the work you can’t not do! ‎

It is one tall order. The Ted speaker summarized his action steps into ‎three major points:‎

‎♦ Be an expert of self.‎
‎♦ Do the impossible.‎
‎♦ Surround yourself with passionate people.‎

Scott Dinsmore met his tragic death this week. He and his wife ‎sold off all of their belongings to spend a year travelling the ‎world. His last tweet was from Turkey while preparing for a ‎climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. He was but 33 years old when he ‎was tragically crushed to death by a freak boulder falling in his path ‎while ascending Kilimanjaro.‎

It is all too sad to lose someone ever so young. Scott was filled ‎with a contagious passion. He was a rare spark of “yeas” ‎amongst an overpowering backdrop of “nays”. Possibility, ‎promise and the power of passion were his “dreamcoat”, only ‎he wasn’t dreaming: he was living the dream.‎


I recommend you find the time to listen to his Ted lecture. Recognize ‎the “Power of the Many of One”.

Together we have power: come, and ‎together let’s do the impossible!

May he rest in peace knowing that ‎the candle burns on…‎

You Turn

And so you have it! This week’s post I decided to write about ‎sugar. While on my bike I was flooded with thoughts and memories to ‎use to create and connect my post. As we finished our ride I rushed to ‎jot down notes on my cellphone. After I finished recording all of my ‎notes, I turned to look at my messages and notifications. I quickly ‎discovered the tragic news on my social media. At that moment ‎everything changed: nothing is written in stone.‎

I would like again to wish everyone a happy new year or as we say ‎here in Israel: “Shana Tova V’Metuka” (Have a happy and sweet new ‎year). May you find your sweetness at home with your loved ones and ‎at work in pursuit of your passions.

Sweetness Kills (but that is another story…)

May this be the ‎year that you hold your sweet tooth at bay!‎

 ‎ ‎I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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Thank you and have a great week!‎


You tell your future! The power is ours!