Wee Warriors ‎


Into this world we make our entrance unencumbered and free with a ‎healthy measure of curiosity and a natural sense of adventure.‎

A young girl, much like all children, is hard at play, running, skipping, ‎jumping and dancing. Precious glee is woven into every moment as ‎she adventures to explore and taste. Every object in her path arouses ‎her curiosity.

Her essence is joy, each move authentic and true.

She ‎bounces on her bed free of any costume or dress, all of the “what if’s” ‎completely foreign to her being. She sprints up to the top of the ‎mountain of sand near her home only to dance down again and again. ‎She is fearless.

With her every move she reigns as “Queen of the ‎Land”.

Into the kitchen she enters with gusto. Today is the day that ‎she designs her signature cake. With a little bit of this and a little bit of ‎that and no script, written or otherwise, to guide her, she composes. ‎Unburdened with fears and handicaps, she moves with determination ‎and delight.

Similarly, she turns her creative forces to fashion. Armed ‎with but fabric, thread and tenacity she tailors her way. Off she races ‎to show her friend. She unravels as she goes but that is of little ‎concern to her…‎

Wee Warriors Were We‎

But were we?‎

It was not that we had the courage to dare; ‎
We simply knew no fear.‎

Year by year and bit by bit, we built up our protective shield. Fast ‎forward many years and many layers later, it is challenging at the ‎least, to reach deep to our true self. We are cautious to venture out ‎and stick close to our rigid shadow.‎

Warriors Were We

What Happened?‎

Rosh Hashana, a new year, is upon us. Shana Tova, Happy New Year! ‎According to tradition, the approach of the new year is a time for self-‎introspection and repentance. More often than not, our thoughts and ‎introspection center stage all of our trials and tribulations: where did ‎we go wrong and where can we do better?‎
Similarly, at Christmastime the radio sings: “You better be good … ‎Santa Claus is coming to town!” ‎

Perhaps now is a great time to spice up our ancient traditions and stop ‎beating ourselves up over all of our mess-ups, failures and oversights. ‎Enough bemoaning! For once let it not be about what we did wrong ‎but rather a celebration of what we did right! For a moment, let us ‎give gratitude in honor of every victorious moment, small and large. ‎

Pay homage to the warrior within. ‎
Hurrah for the courage to dare!‎

In the looking glass, I always saw a timid reflection of self even ‎though, of late, my self-reflection has become more in alignment with ‎my innate warrior. In preparation for this post, I endeavored to fill a ‎timeline with my warrior’s triumphant moments. So abundant were ‎these that I needed to insert extra rows along the way, again and ‎again. Suddenly, I was astounded to discover that my warrior had ‎never abandoned me and had been there all along. ‎

I exploited this week’s bike ride to accost my fellow bikers. I asked ‎them a simple question:‎

‎“Of all of your memories, ‎
Of all the things which you found the courage to dare to do, ‎
Which brings you the greatest source of pride?”‎


hurtmyself blood


I was totally unprepared for the discomfort of the tongue tied bikers ‎and the almost complete loss of words which followed. Was the ‎source of this unease just embarrassment or simply the inability to ‎find the right words? It was not clear to me. ‎

Here are some of their brags. ‎
Notice, if you will, how many are centered on family:‎

Getting married.‎
Marrying XXXX.‎
My son.‎
Going back to school at 37.‎
Today’s bike ride.‎
Successfully appealing the university’s decision not to accept me.‎
Getting back on a bike after serious injury.‎
Completing the Annapurna Trek in Nepal.‎

Here are some of mine:‎

Confronting my teacher regarding his stereotyped rhetoric.‎
Requesting a permission slip to escape the morning prayer at school.‎
Celebrating my bat mitzvah untraditionally.‎


Wearing a full tux and tails to my school prom.‎

grad close up

Making Aliyah as a “lone” soldier.‎
Getting married at the rabbinical office with a bare “minyan” without ‎my parents at 19.‎
Managing the dairy as I was left alone in the First Lebanon War.‎
At the request of my hairdresser, agreeing to transition from a long to ‎a cropped haircut.‎
Leaving the kibbutz at 35 with three children in tow.‎
Celebrating our children’s bar/bat mitzvahs in a unique and ‎meaningful manor.‎


Dying my hair platinum blond (even though it was short lived).‎
Agreeing to bike with cleats or more precisely, allowing myself to fall ‎while still hooked up…‎
Biking downhill at Whistler at 40+.‎

Deciding to not color my hair any more.‎
Beginning to teach dance at 50 something.‎
Joining a Spencer Tunic photo installation at the Dead Sea.‎
Leaving my job of 20 something years.‎
Speaking up.‎

Go for it!‎


Hey you mommy, the one who won’t be seen dancing and fooling ‎around with her daughters: “It is you who I am talking to. Kill the ‎order and discipline. Go for it!”‎


But laughing out loud,‎

Made of not playing the game.‎

Go for it girl!‎
And give it a whirl!‎

Shana Tova! ‎
May this be a year of health, happiness and love. ‎

May this be the year,‎
Find the courage to dare,‎
Be nakedly you♥‎


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