Rice Pudding


I am happy to report that it is possible to recreate and upgrade the ‎familiar tastes of our youth (or in this case the youth of my husband). ‎May I present you with a tastier and healthier version of rice ‎pudding…‎

Rice Pudding: An upgraded version


‎1 c whole cooked risotto rice
‎2 t coconut oil
‎¼ c coconut milk
‎1 T maple syrup‎
Pinch of salt


Nuts to taste
Dried fruit to taste

Rice Preparation:

Soak rice overnight in warm water with a bit of apple cider vinegar.‎
The next day rinse the rice well.‎
Cook the rice in cold water (as you would cook pasta) at a low heat for ‎about 15 minutes until the rice is ready (it should be cooked “Al ‎Dente” or be firm to the bite).‎

Rice Pudding Preparation:

Pour all of the ingredients over the rice and top with nuts and dried ‎fruit.‎

Bon Appétit!‎