Slow Cooked Vegan Casserole

In a Crock Pot

Easy steps from left to right

To Soak:

‎2 c dried chick peas
‎2 c whole risotto (round) rice
‎1 c dried apricot‎

To Blend:‎

‎1 peeled and cubed sweet potato
‎1 cubed zucchini
‎3 cloves of garlic‎
‎2 c water (can use water from soaked apricots)‎
‎1‎‏½‏‎ T whole cumin seed
‎1‎‏½‏‎ T saffron
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg

Vegetables To Add In:

‎2 cubed onions (can lightly sauté) ‎
‎8 carrots cut to preference‎
‎~ 6 cabbage leaves‎

+1 T coconut oil to add in to mixture‎

Soak the rice and chick peas overnight+. I recommend soaking in ‎warm water with a bit of apple cider added to the water. They are ‎soaked to remove phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. The ‎phytic acid ‎will inhibit mineral absorption. Soaking can increase ‎mineral ‎absorption tenfold or more. The apple cider will facilitate this ‎process. It is important to rinse the rice and chick peas well after they ‎have been soaked. The dried apricots should be soaked in the ‎refrigerator. The left over water from the apricots may be used for the ‎mixture in the blender for a slightly sweater taste.‎

In the blender add the sweet potato and zucchini to the water and ‎spices and blend.‎
Add the blended mixture to a large bowl with the rice, chick peas, ‎apricot, vegetables and coconut oil.‎

Mix well and add to greased crock pot.‎

I like to cover my casserole with cabbage leaves. This retains the ‎moisture and prevents the rice and legumes from drying out. Should ‎you wish to prepare meat in your crock pot as well, you may lay the ‎meat on top of the cabbage leaves. This will provide a barrier and ‎absorb much of the meat’s fat.‎

I like to use risotto rice but any kind of whole rice will work well. Of ‎course, you may choose to work with other legumes as well. Just ‎remember to soak them. Similarly, you may choose to add or replace ‎vegetables. You may try sweet potatoes, kohlrabi, potatoes, beets and ‎even cauliflower, although that will cook to be very soft.‎

Changing the content of your casserole will require you to rethink the ‎amount of liquids that you are adding to the pot.‎

Cook at an oven temperature of 100 degrees Celsius or 210 degrees ‎Fahrenheit for about 6.5 hours.‎

Bon Appétit! ‎