A Long Time Waiting


On the wings of creativity I soar

Joy as my partner, I purr with contentment. Pleased as I am with my artistry, I seek out praise and support of those close to me.

A year has passed.

Today is the unveiling ceremony at my mother's gravesite. Once again I find myself traveling the scenic views of my youth, passing familiar landmarks all the way. Familiar but empty markers of memories past. We will never travel this way together again.

Loss is coupled in its grief.

The material reminders dwindle and disperse in many directions. Home becomes just empty spaces. Mementos woven with the memories of the woman who was become little more than inanimate objects.

Of course, loss becomes all too overwhelming when put in the perspective of the absent tomorrow's to be. She will not be there: no more smiles, greetings or adventures. No embraces. Celebrations will carry on without her presence. My grandchildren will never meet their grandparents: orphaned at birth from the older generation.

Grandchildren? No, not in the distant future…

A precious addition did manage to sneak into my life… A sort of immaculate conception, I am not really sure how it came to be. What I do know is that in some shape and form my mother had a huge part in the birth of my blog. Today I have forty some odd blogs in English alongside another forty some in Hebrew on display in my new website awaiting my mother's comments and praise. They will not be coming anytime soon. What I would not give to have this conversation with her. Her remarks, advise and, yes, acclaim would have been mine to cherish. I cannot begin to think how sorely that she will be missed when her grandchildren will join us…

In the Market…

This week I found myself in the heart of a beautiful farmer's market. How I love to explore a vibrant market! I was unprepared for the unusual site which greeted me: three poets alongside three old manual typewriters. Before them propped a sign proclaiming: poems, your topic, your price. I was intrigued but continued on my way. It was not long before I traced my steps back. I had to know more. I had to give it a whirl…

I gave them my topic, Naked Nutrition, and my name, Heleneie Beanie, of course. I was told to take a stroll in the market for twenty minutes and to return.

Just as we came back to the stall the author was signing his work of art (with the typewriter, of course).


There is always room for more creativity in this world: creative abundance begets abundance.

Mom, your grandson captured our morning stroll in the market with his creative magic. Please come and visit the pages of my blog and feel free to post a comment from time to time. I hunger for you to be part of my journey, memories in the making.

Awaiting your embrace. It'll surely be a long time waiting.


Heleneie BeaNiE


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Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani
6 years ago


Happy to share with you. Those magical places are indeed wonderful. In our dreams we are free to create our own reality, visit with loved ones long passed and create new and beautiful memories. Great to hear from you…


6 years ago

Beautiful Helene,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your life, your emotions, it transported me to a
magical space, full of wonders and wishes… You know, my father visits me sometimes
in my dreams… I am sure you will receive a big hug sooner than you think…