An Octave Above


In so many ways you cannot help but notice me…

Of course there are ‎the obvious features the short cropped grey hair, the extra wide ‎shoulders and, yes, the slim and not so curvy frame… Were you forced ‎to take cover while listening to me speak? I do tend to speak an ‎octave above the crowd… My footsteps, they too, betray my slight ‎frame as they smash the silence into forgotten jewels. It is my ‎laughter, however, which cannot be ignored. It kind of has a life of its ‎own. At the movies, often more than not, all eyes will be in pursuit of ‎quirky laughter’s source…‎

Don’t get me started because I won’t be able to stop…

When I start ‎laughing it is infectious, self-infectious. I just can’t cut loose. Let me ‎tell you about an incident at our wedding. I chocked while drinking ‎the Kiddush (sanctifying) wine during our wedding ceremony. I began ‎choking and laughing hysterically, completely and totally losing any ‎semblance of self-control. Fortunately it was a tiny ceremony, barely a ‎”minyan” (10 adults) at the “rabanut” (rabbinical authority) office and I ‎did not disturb too many not so fortunate souls… Without a doubt this ‎was the defining photo of our wedding. If you look closely you can see ‎how even my mother-in-law was infected by my laughter… ‎

Another time we vacationed at Mitzpeh Ramon. We took the kids to ‎go and play in the desert. We explored by bike, jeep and foot all of the ‎best that God’s playground had to offer. After a day of playing hard ‎my family sat down to dinner at the hotel, I was loading up platters at ‎the buffet to bring to my family when I noticed a waiter approaching ‎our table with a tray of goblets perched precariously above. As I ‎studied the waiter and the heavy tray, I wondered. What if…? What if ‎it he were to suddenly lose it?‎

In retrospect, I believe that what happened next must in some part be ‎due to my unwitting energetic intervention…‎


He lost it, he did. The tray came smashing down on hubby’s ‎naked head… What was his beloved wife’s reaction? You guessed it! I ‎cracked up, broke into a torrent of hysterical laughter…‎

My laughter flows freely such as my opinions and thoughts. Sure there ‎are thoughts which I barely allow myself to think out loud, let alone ‎express vocally. If I do choose to share, however, I will be vocal and ‎direct to a fault. I don’t have an ounce of tact to my name. I am aware ‎of this flaw and am doing my best to tone it down. It is a process ‎which will certainly take time. In the meantime I am blessed with a ‎family who accepts me and offers a wide web of tolerance.‎

For many years my thoughts and feelings were buried deep.

I did not ‎allow myself to speak, write or even think freely. To expose my inner ‎most intimate thoughts was to be vulnerable and I did not want to be ‎hurt.‎

Without a doubt there is a close correlation between the depth of my ‎self-confidence and my self-expression. Of late as my self-confidence ‎has grown, my self-expression has skyrocketed. ‎

Imperfections and Perfectionism

‎“Perfectionist me” would not allow me to own my mistakes and ‎imperfections. I would hide less than perfect as opportunity would ‎allow and redo. Shush, no one must know that I messed up…‎

Right here and right now I am taking ownership of my errors and ‎imperfections. I am coming out of my closeted self. I messed up, ‎goofed up and f$%#? up. So what?!‎

Miss perfection is anything but perfect. ‎
When I mess up, I do so big time!‎

About a year ago I did a green smoothie demo at our local ‎neighborhood store. Here you have it on film what happens when a ‎metal spoon is forgotten inside the blender…‎woops

This week I was preparing an exceptionally large batch of fermented ‎nut cheese. I uncovered the fermented base to add ‎flavoring and found a moldy mess: serves me right for not checking ‎out the work in progress the night before! The fermentation process in ‎the hot Israeli summers is especially challenging. Must remember not ‎to fall asleep on the job!‎

Last but certainly not least: a few months ago we bought my very first ‎car. Up until now I have always had a company car from work. We ‎purchased a wonderful car complete with all of the latest security ‎sensors. Not a week had gone by before I managed to blemish my new ‎car in the parking lot. Unlike my old car the sensor was extremely ‎gentle with me. I wrongly assumed that I had plenty of time until the ‎sensor would roar its wrath. I certainly got that wrong.‎

Please don’t be gentle with me. Give it to me straight!‎

Apricot Cream


A tangy three layered delight…

Who doesn’t love a cool tangy treat?


‎2 T lemon juice‎
‎1 T coconut spread‎
‎1 apple‎
‎10 apricots‎
‎½ avocado
‎1 T fresh lemongrass ‎
‎2 T flax seeds‎

Blend in high speed blender. Layer base layer in dessert cups.‎

‎Middle Layer

‎1 c soaked (at least 8 hours) and rinsed and macadamia nuts.
‎½ c coconut liquid (60% coconut meat + 40% water)‎
‎½ c coconut flakes
‎4 T honey‎
‎4 pitted fresh cherries‎
Pinch of salt
‎½ avocado

coconut products
Shopping Llst

Blend until creamy adding more coconut liquid or water as necessary. Add onto base layer, leaving ‎room for glaze. The avocado can be omitted but then use less coconut liquid.‎ You will probably have some extra nut cream but it is difficult to blend a smaller quantity.


‎1 t lemon juice
‎½ t vanilla extract
‎1 T coconut liquid‎
‎½ t lemon zest
‎2 T honey ‎

Whisk by hand and spread on top of second layer

Top with shredded coconut, chocolate nibs or fruit. Chill in freezer before serving. Store in ‎refrigerator. For a nut free dessert omit middle layer and top off with glaze. Makes approximately 6 dessert cups.

The apricot season is short and sweet (well actually tangy). Prepare now while the ingredients are available…

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PROVERBS 17:22 ” A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (NIV). Continue to share your joy Helene. I’ve been inspired by your honest sharing. Love you lots!

Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani

Thankful that my bones have not dried up… Without a doubt laughter and good spirits are good for the health. Thanks for your support Lorraine!

Hila Gozani
Hila Gozani

It was definitely one of our favorites. Nothing so fine as a zesty, zangy cool summer dessert 🙂