Apricot Cream


A tangy three layered delight…

Who doesn't love a cool tangy treat?


‎2 T lemon juice‎
‎1 T coconut spread‎
‎1 apple‎
‎10 apricots‎
‎½ avocado
‎1 T fresh lemongrass ‎
‎2 T flax seeds‎

Blend in high speed blender. Layer base layer in dessert cups.‎

‎Middle Layer

‎1 c soaked (at least 8 hours) and rinsed and macadamia nuts.
‎½ c coconut liquid (60% coconut meat + 40% water)‎
‎½ c coconut flakes
‎4 T honey‎
‎4 pitted fresh cherries‎
Pinch of salt
‎½ avocado

coconut products
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Blend until creamy adding more coconut liquid or water as necessary. Add onto base layer, leaving ‎room for glaze. The avocado can be omitted but then use less coconut liquid.‎ You will probably have some extra nut cream but it is difficult to blend a smaller quantity.


‎1 t lemon juice
‎½ t vanilla extract
‎1 T coconut liquid‎
‎½ t lemon zest
‎2 T honey ‎

Whisk by hand and spread on top of second layer

Top with shredded coconut, chocolate nibs or fruit. Chill in freezer before serving. Store in ‎refrigerator. For a nut free dessert omit middle layer and top off with glaze. Makes approximately 6 dessert cups.

The apricot season is short and sweet (well actually tangy). Prepare now while the ingredients are available…