No Happily Ever After‎


Once upon a time there lived a couple in love…

Not a penny to their ‎names there was, but that would not stand in their way. They were ‎both highly successful and ahead of their time in their respective fields ‎of choice. He was handsome, warm, joyful, ambitious and talented. ‎She was gorgeous, passionate, smart and on her way up and out. They ‎had four beautiful children and The American Dream was theirs for the ‎taking. They began migrating west in a continual effort to climb yet ‎another step up.‎

Somewhere along the way the dream shattered. The man and the ‎woman parted ways. What was once happiness and abundance was ‎replaced by longing and sickness: a fairy tale beginning, yes, but no ‎happily ever after.‎

I lost my father to severe arteriosclerotic heart disease at the young ‎age of 54 my mother to Parkinson’s.

Chronic disease is but a product of the choices we ‎make…

Bad lifestyle ‎choices manifest themselves as chronic disease. These choices include ‎poor nutrition, overeating, sedentary living and, of course, chronic ‎stress. In short: too much junk and not enough nourishment.‎

Unlike acute disease, chronic disease sticks around for the ‎long haul. Chronic disease occupies a stubborn and lengthy ‎timeline. Chronic, from the root “chron” or the Greek word ‎‎“chronos”, means time. According to Greek mythology, ‎Chronos (Kronos) was known as the destructive God of Time ‎who was able to use the past to devour the future. Such ‎‎“thrives” chronic disease: our choices of past devouring the ‎future or at least its quality.‎

Modern medicine excels at emergency medicine. The medical ‎staff at the ER will quickly and efficiently weed through the ‎crowded waiting room tackling the broken bones, appendicitis, ‎heart attack, burn victim, car crash survivor, terror attack ‎casualties and more. Chronic disease, however, is but a ‎colossal chronic headache.‎

Prolific costs and chronic disease are bedmates: patient costs ‎are high and productivity plummets. Treatment focuses on ‎symptom management rather than disease management. A ‎vicious circle emerges: chronic illness, lost productivity, ‎symptom management, more chronic illness… As little, if any, ‎attention is given to the root of the problem, the poor lifestyle ‎choices persist and chronic disease continues in its ‎debilitating path.‎


A vicious circle full of black magic it is, not a sparkle of pixie ‎dust to be found.

This circle came all too close to me and I will ‎have no part of it! I’ve tasted the incredible magic of the secret ‎world of plants and discovered our powerful cosmic bodies and ‎will.‎

Today I unveil my new website: a fine home for my blog. Won’t ‎you come on over? Surf it: explore, discover and enjoy! Hoping ‎to excite and ignite: I dare you to grab on to your own personal ‎magic wand.‎

Say no to chronic disease; choose to thrive! ‎

Your comments and suggestions are welcome…