Nut Milk



Today there are many, many alternatives. May I suggest trying ‎your hand at making Hazelnut Milk? It is really delicious! Nut milk can ‎be easily made in your own home and can be made from almost any ‎kind of nut. It is easy! Here is how:‎

Soak nuts in warm water overnight
Rinse the nuts in fresh water
For each cup of nuts add three cups of water and blend

Strain the blended nuts in a fine strainer (they can be dried and used ‎for baking) and separate the milk from the pulverized nuts

Return the strained “milk” to the blender and add:‎
A pinch of salt
One soaked date
‎½ teaspoon of vanilla
A pinch of nutmeg

Blend and Enjoy! (Will last refrigerated for about three days)‎