Death to Diet

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When Obesity Met Diabetes in a Bottle…

Happy New Year!‎

Happy New Year! May this be the year that you live your dream!‎

Yes, this is the year that I say goodbye to the bulge! I’ve got just ‎the right bottle, a “classic”, “the real thing”. Raise your glass and let’s ‎toast to our heart’s desire. ‎

Coke? Are you nuts? Do you know how many teaspoons of sugar ‎there are in one glass? Six, six teaspoons of sugar!!!‎

You’re right. Shall we toast with a healthy glass of freshly squeezed ‎orange juice?‎

NOOO, that’s one bad idea! Not only does each glass contain the ‎equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar, but it also has more calories ‎than Coca Cola…‎

Unbelievable! In honor of my healthy resolution let’s toast to change ‎with diet cola!‎

Are you not up to date with the very serious health hazards linked to ‎consumption of diet drinks? ‎

Zero. Zero calories. Zero sugar. What could be bad?‎

Much is foul, according to an extensive long term study conducted in France. ‎ Diet beverages ‎may actually be both more fattening AND more hazardous to our health ‎than regular sugar sweetened beverages.‎

Say what?!‎

Did you know that on average, women who drink diet beverages ‎drink twice as much?

Twice as much?! You don’t say!‎

Yes. Not only are diet beverages sweeter, but they are also more ‎addictive. Consumption of diet beverages also trumps in raising the ‎risk of type 2 diabetes.‎

Suddenly my taste for diet has gone flat… ‎

‎“Shtu Maim.” Drink water. Real taste, zero calories: water is life!‎

Happy new year!‎

Dr. Mark's Minute – The Special Case of Liquid Calories Liquid Death YouTube sharing

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Paula Graham

I'll toast with my lemon water to another delightfully informative article by Helene, and so timely for the NEW YEAR! Shall we all resolve to cut down or eliminate sugary drinks altogether? Helene is spot on 🙂 Thanks Honey!