Dmai Hanuka

‎“Dmai Hanuka” in Hebrew is traditionally known as Hanuka gelt ‎‎(money) or chocolate coins. In Hebrew “dmai” also may refer to dues. ‎

Sweet Stuff

A few years back we vacationed with my brother and his family. While ‎exploring the funky town of Hood River, Oregon, my brother came ‎back to the car with the coolest baseball cap ever: on its front was ‎stitched “Old Guys Rule” and on the back, the priceless “The older I ‎get … The better I was”.‎

The older I get … The sweeter I was.‎

I’ve seen sweeter days, I have.‎

I recall the norm in the kibbutz baby house was to put sugar water in ‎babies’ bottles. At the same time in the nursery, toddlers were to be ‎found toting bottles full of purple colored “Mitz Petel” (made from a ‎raspberry flavored sugary syrup concentrated goop).‎

I liked my cola and was a sucker for a Snicker’s bar or a slice of cheese ‎cake…‎

Hubby added three heaping teaspoons of sugar to his coffee…‎

Priceless, huh?!‎

Illness Strikes


Last week I had my girl Tziona’s back as I accompanied her for a ‎chemotherapy treatment. As usual, I made sure to have plenty of ‎nutritious food on hand including vegetable patties, homemade trail ‎mix, apples and a green smoothie of course! Like me, Tziona is very ‎health conscious. She had busied herself the night before preparing ‎vegan sushi with whole brown rice. We were well stocked and each of ‎us had her own green smoothie in hand! We were armed and ready.‎

It was a good thing that we came prepared. It was a long long day. I ‎left the house at six in the morning and did not return until well after ‎eight in the evening.‎

Shell shocked, I entered the state of the art Assuta hospital of Ramat ‎Ha-Hayal, Tel Aviv. Not for nothing does its website proclaim: “Israel's ‎largest and leading private hospital”! Upon entering I was ‎overwhelmed with a very sweet welcome. Adjacent to the information ‎desk was a very large storefront sign: Sweet(s). I made a note to ‎myself to check it out later when I had some free time.‎

A few hours later sleeping beauty was out like a light, exhausted from ‎her magical light potions. I took advantage of the breather and left to ‎explore and stretch my legs. Once again I found myself passing the ‎"sweet shoppe"…‎


I cannot begin to find the words to express, neither the depth nor the ‎breadth, the wealth of the sweet choices packed into the tiny ‎storefront. I felt a wave of anger stunning me from head to toe.‎

How could a “leading hospital” allow itself to greet its patients like ‎this?‎

Was this the subliminal message behind its agenda?‎

Continue to eat sweets. Don’t worry; we’ll be here to take care of you ‎when you become ill…‎

Does a “leader” not have a moral responsibility for all who visit within ‎its gates? Should the message not be more aligned with Lady ‎Liberty’s: “I lift my lamp beside the golden door”?‎

Tziona is a well-known health advocate. She frequently appears in the ‎media: news, radio and television. A few months ago she became ill ‎and she used the social media to tell her story, her choices and her ‎message. I asked her permission to share here on my blog with you.‎

We each follow our own path, choosing our way. Some of us follow ‎the more trodden path while others lead and forge their way. At any ‎given moment, at any particular junction, circumstances may change. ‎He who once followed may lead and she who once led may follow or ‎anywhere on the spectrum in-between… ‎

In Search of Healing

Her letter begins:‎

Hello to everyone,‎

I have something important that I wish to share with you all, as it is ‎having a big impact on my life and ‎will have an impact, I think, on ‎yours too.‎

Never say never!!!‎

I have been feeling very tired for the last year, and was waiting to do ‎some functional medicine tests ‎to try see what the problem was. This ‎was all complicated by the fact that I have a serious needle ‎phobia. ‎

At the end of July I contracted a stomach virus and landed up in ‎hospital, and allowed the doctor to ‎do a blood test. That’s when the ‎alarm bells went off. ‎

After many tests and consultations, I was diagnosed with‏ ‏a form of ‎non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Of all ‎the 40 different kinds of lymphomas, ‎I have the least virulent and most treatable kind. I had always said ‎I ‎would never ever have chemo!

Well, never say never……. ‎

After calls to various clinics and doctors ‎who are also in the alternative ‎medical field, it became clear that the alternative treatments ‎for ‎lymphoma only have a 30% success rate, and I was told to do the ‎chemo. ‎

This was a huge shock for me and I did a lot of work on myself with ‎wonderful friends and ‎therapists, as I knew that I needed to change ‎how I thought about chemo and all the tablets I would ‎have to take, ‎including cortisone. So I decided to call the chemo – “my magic light ‎potion” and imagine ‎this stream of light and love flowing into my ‎body and bringing me healing, love and joy. The same ‎with the ‎medications I needed to take. ‎

Green smoothies – the best medicine! ‎

I was very fortunate to find a wonderful professor and man who is my ‎doctor, and who does not mock ‎or belittle me for my beliefs, what I ‎eat and the way I live, but is very respectful and open. I’m ‎truly ‎grateful. I have been eating the food that I share with all of you, and ‎having green smoothies ‎almost every day. A number of doctors were ‎amazed that I was functioning and doing things all the ‎time, even with ‎a hemoglobin count of 7.9 (normal is around 12-14!). That meant I ‎had about ‎half the blood of a normal adult in my body, and many ‎other blood indexes were very low. My spleen was about 7 times that ‎of a normal spleen. I’m sure it was due to my lifestyle, food, and ‎smoothies that I functioned so well…. ‎

To read the rest of Tziona’s message and learn more use this link…‎

I wish Tziona much magical healing light. May she continue to be ‎optimistic and cheery and have faith in her path.‎

As written in the Talmud: Let us “be pliable like a reed, not rigid like a ‎cedar.” One can never know what lies on the path ahead.‎

I would like to thank you for your patience in reading this post to its end.‎

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Dreams do come true!

Next week, God willing, my film will be released to a theater near you☺

Thank you and have a great week!‎


You tell your future! The power is ours!


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So beautiful, thank you for sharing, is not easy to find strength when
you are going through this kind of challenges in the life, They say,
the stronger the person, the stronger the challenges… So, she must
be a warrior of light…


Ugh. Sugar. I hear they serve it in Chemo centers. Maddening and crazy.

I like(d) a good piece of cheesecake too.

Let's keep on doing what we know is healthy!!!!!!!